Bathrobe Distributor in Caribbean

Bathrobe Distributor in Caribbean

Bathrobe Distributor in CaribbeanWhen your guests step out of a nice hot bath or shower, the one thing that really shows them that you care about their ultimate comfort during their stay is a toasty warm plush bathrobe. You know that you want the best for them but you want to get those robes at a good price as well. Your guests’ comfort may be at the top of your list of important matters but so is your bottom line. That’s why getting excellent deals on things like bathrobes, as well as all of the fine linens that make your hotel, inn, or B&B special, is such a high priority.

100 Percent Organic

What do we offer at Globaltex Fine Linens in Miami? Only the best 100 percent organic Turkish cotton bathrobes, that’s what. We also have numerous popular styles, as well. We take great pride in being the top choice in suppliers of not only robes but all kinds of fine linens to a number of major hotels and resorts worldwide.

Style Choices

All Globaltex robes are manufactured from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton and here are some of the style choices:

  1. The Calmness Robe for the feeling of calm in a super-soft plush robe.
  2. The Hooded Robe for a chic but simple comfortable robe
  3. The Kimono Robe for trendy Japanese styling
  4. The Jacquard Loom Robe for luxury with a pocket and trim in black and white
  5. The Softness Hooded Robe with a stylish herringbone pattern
  6. The Shawl Collar Robe for a patterned robe that says comfy quietude
  7. The Dreamy Robe in white or pink with matching slippers
  8. The Peshtemal Robe with knotted fringe on sleeves and hem
  9. The Traveling Robe available in white, gray, or blue
  10. The White Embroidered Robe with grey embroidery
  11. The Striped Robe with black stripes on white
  12. The White Marine Robe with wave-like trim and blue/white fish
  13. The Sand Color Robe comes with or without embroidery

How to Impress Your Guests

When your hotel guests check in, they’ll be impressed by all of the fine linens in their rooms and especially the towels and bathrobes that you supply for their comfort and convenience. They have come to expect these things from your establishment and that’s what keeps them coming back. They always expect the ultimate in comfort and luxury. They definitely don’t expect time-worn towels or robes. You don’t want to disappoint them, so get all of your towels and bathrobes from us at Globaltex Fine Linens or they might not come back. Replace your guest room towels and robes with the best from Globaltex and you’ll be getting the finest in the hospitality industry. For more information about all of the robes that we offer, contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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