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What do you look for when buying sheets? Whether you are a homeowner buying for yourself and your family as well as house guests, or a hotel or resort owner in the hospitality industry buying for your clientele, this is an important question. You want the very best quality bedding in any case and we can help you with that. We are Globaltex, the number one fine linens and bed sheets wholesalers in Texas.

Wholesalers for Homes

As a homemaker, you want the very best bedding on the market today for your family and houseguests. On top of that, don’t you deserve the best, too, for your bed? Of course, you do. That is why we make such high-quality bedsheets as well as other luxurious linens for homes, too, not just for resorts and hotels. Show your family how much you care and make their beds every single day using our luxury bed sheets. They’re sure to thank you for it.

Wholesalers for Hotels

Hotel, inn, resort, and B&B operators, owners, or both, know that one of the most important purchases they can make are bed sheets for pleasing their guests. Hospitality establishments from coast to coast, and especially in Texas, are very proud of their linens and even prouder of the fact that they are getting them at amazing wholesale prices.

Let’s face it, buying your linens from a top bed sheets wholesalers in Texas is good for your bottom line in more ways than you could ever imagine. They save you money when you first purchase them and later on because they keep their shape and beauty longer. In addition, they make you money when your clientele keeps coming back time and time again. Bed Sheets Wholesalers in Texas

What’s So Special About Our Linens?

Besides our excellent wholesale prices, we make all of our linens, from sheets to pillows, comforters and much more for beds and baths, using only the best organic 100 percent Turkish cotton. This is the highest quality cotton in the world and we have our very own factory to produce it in Denizli, Turkey.

It imparts a luxuriously soft smooth finish for every one of the bed sheets we manufacture and distribute. It is also responsible for the distinctive finish on every one of them. Our linens exude that luxurious feel that everybody wants when they slip into their beds at night. Shouldn’t you be giving it to them and to yourself as well? After all, who deserves that kind of luxury more than you do?

Get Our Sheets at Wholesale Prices

When you replace your worn sheets with high-quality wholesale sheet sets from Globaltex, you’ll sleep better yourself, whether you’re an innkeeper or a homeowner. More information about the number one bed sheets wholesalers in Texas is readily available when you contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens either by phone or via our handy contact form.