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Benefits of Mattress Encasement Covers in HospitalityStudies have shown that room cleanliness is one of the most critical factors for all potential hotel guests. That’s why matters of hygiene are at the top of most hospitality priority lists, just as they should be. In addition, since the majority of customers spend almost 40 percent of their stay in bed, mattress care is absolutely essential. The fact is, however, that not all mattress covers are created equal.

Two Different Options

There are actually two well-known solutions and they are mattress/box spring encasements and mattress covers that are chemically treated. They are both completely different solutions, however, the fact is that mattress encasements are definitely a superior option. They can prevent bedding from turning into a bio-hazard plus chemically impregnated mattress covers are unable to maintain mattress integrity like mattress encasements do.

Known Cleanliness Factors

Hygiene can be responsible for making or breaking a hotel’s reputation and profitability. The genuine concerns that plague hotels include bed bugs and other pest infestations, bacteria, fungus, mold, and allergens such as dust mites and skin cells. When you add to all that the general increase in pet-friendly hotels, as well as the inevitability of human errors, spills, and accidents, and you have a pretty long list of known factors that can impact cleanliness. Our CleanRest Pro mattress encasements offer protection that is professional grade for preventing mattress damage plus bed-bug-stopping and allergy-blocking abilities.

Peace of Mind

The one thing that hotel guests want more than anything else is cleanliness. It’s also what can give you, as a hotelier, the peace of mind you need because you always know that your guests will be happy and keep coming back. These five reasons for using mattress encasement covers are important and also why we’re the unrivaled choice when it comes to hospitality bedding protection:

1. Total Coverage = Total Protection

Hotels like to be known for their firm mattresses, fluffy pillows, and high-thread-count linens but what’s even more important is having the highest hygiene levels. Only encasements are able to do just that for your mattresses and box springs because they totally envelop them in unparalleled prevention and protection.

2. Encasement Efficacy & Longevity

Encasements are not only more effective but they also last longer than chemically impregnated covers i.e. ten years vs. 18 months. This also makes them much more cost effective.

3. The Green Advantage

When you use pesticide-free products, you become known as eco-conscious at a time when many of your guests may be into a more organic lifestyle.

4. Enhancing Your Budget

It can be challenging to provide optimum hospitality solutions while still benefiting your bottom line. That’s why our mattress encasements are the smart financial choice.

5. Giving Guests a Good Night’s Sleep

Good quality sleep is revitalizing for travelers, therefore it can be powerful for driving up your bookings. Outfitting your accommodations with the best products for comfortably lulling your guests to sleep is crucial.

If you want your guests to sleep better while also protecting your mattresses and your budget, contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens for more information.

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