Best Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Room and Beach Towels for Hotels

Some of the best beaches in the world are in both Miami and Texas, which are two states where GLOBALTEX Fine Linens has offices. When you order towels from us, you can get the wholesale prices that help you save money and have the towels shipped right to your hotel. We offer fine linens for all types of hotels, including boutique bed and breakfast spots and elegant hotels that sit right on the beach. Not only can you get the great towels that your guests will love, but you can shop for other products that will help them feel more comfortable.

Sunset Collection and More

Before you buy organic cotton bath towels, we recommend that you look at the three collections that are available. The first is the Sunset Collection, which has a classic design. All of these towels have a thick border and are super soft. Guests can dry off quickly without feeling as if they need to grab another towel. With our Sofya Collection, you get towels that feel a little softer. This is due to the design, which includes a thin border around the edges. We also offer towels through our Luxury Collection that can make guests feel right at home in one of your rooms.

Bath Towel Benefits

One of the top materials in the world right now is organic cotton. Many people suffer from skin allergies and other problems that can worsen when they use the thick and scratchy towels that some hotels offer. Our towels use a type of organic cotton that feels soft and smooth from the moment they arrive. Each time that you wash the towels, the material will change and become a little softer. Our towels are perfect for leaving in your rooms to help guests clean off after a long trip and to relax as soon as they arrive.

Beach and Pool Towels

When guests travel to hotels in and close to the beach, they don’t want to bring towels from home. If you expect guests to bring their room towels to the water, you risk them leaving negative reviews of your hotel too. At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer a range of organic cotton towels that guests can use at the pool or beach. You might like the towels that feature brightly colored stripes because your team can easily see if the guests leave their towels on the sand. We also offer white towels that match the elegant look of your hotel for guests to use by the pool.

More Than Towels

GLOBALTEX Fine Linens is your number one choice for organic bath towels and other products for hotels. Thanks to the washcloths and hand towels that we offer, you can purchase full sets for use in each room and to keep your housekeeping carts staffed. Guests might like having robes that they can wear as they relax and terrycloth bags that they can take to the beach or pool too. No matter what type of towels or other products that you need, you can contact GLOBALTEX Fine Linens and order organic cotton bath towels and other supplies today.

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