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If you’re looking for the best quality towels Houston, FL has to offer, then look no further than Turkish cotton towels. There’s a good chance it’ll be the best type of cotton you’ve never heard of. They provide a variety of benefits compared to your standard towel and can be used for any occasion. Many people state how difficult it is to use any other type of cloth after trying one made of Turkish cotton. So, what’s all the hype about? We’ll explain below!


What Are Turkish Cotton Towels?


When you hear Turkish cotton, it’s referring to cotton grown exclusively in the Aegean area — located in Western Turkey. They are known for their long cotton fibers, but shouldn’t be confused with Egyptian cotton. 


If you’re looking for Turkish cotton towels, Globaltex Fine Linens USA carries an extensive collection for any occasion. We support single orders, but can also provide quotes if you’re looking for wholesale beach towels, spa collections, or towels for your bathroom. 


If you want to experience the luxury look and feel of a Turkish cotton towel, check out our products today!


Why Are They the Best Quality Towels?


When it comes to Turkish cotton towels, they don’t call them the kings of cotton for nothing. They provide a wide range of benefits compared to other towels that shouldn’t go ignored when searching for premium linen. 


First and foremost, you’ll notice how much softer they are when you get your first feel of it. Once you start to use it, you’ll experience how well it absorbs water. This makes it the perfect towel when trying to find wholesale beach towels or for your luxury spa. When you’re finished with it, you’ll notice the third significant benefit — how quickly it dries. 


While most people will compare Turkish cotton to Egyptian cotton, one of the main differences is the final benefit. Egyptian cotton is known to take a long time to dry, while Turkish cotton will dry nice and fast. This will help protect it from the nasty odor that appears when a towel stays wet for an extended period. 


If that wasn’t enough to convince you, these types of towels are also known to get better over time. Where most towels will lose quality and become coarse the more you use it, Turkish cotton will only get softer and more absorbent. This will make your investment much more valuable in the long-term. 


The Many Uses of Turkish Cotton Towels


Turkish cotton towels make for perfect bathroom towels, spa towels, workout towels, dish towels, and pool towels. Globaltex Fine Linens USA has plenty to choose from and can set up an accurate quote if you need wholesale beach towels for the entire family. 


If you’re ready to make the conversion to Turkish cotton, you’re in luck! We have the best quality towels you’ll find in Houston, FL, and can’t wait to share the many benefits with you. We can safely say that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using these towels your whole life! Contact Globaltex Fine Linens USA today if you have any questions or want to set up your order, we’ll be happy to assist!

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