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Hotels these days understand the power of branding for instant recognizably and promotional purposes. Imagine guests lounging on their beds, by the poolside or taking selfies in the mirror with your hotel logo adorning the linens around them.

Instagrammable locations will get tagged and shared spreading the word virally of their glamour and appeal. No stone is left unturned by these self-appointed influencers who will rave about anything and everything, from the food, the views, and yes, even the comfortable sheets and robes at hotels! Don’t miss this invaluable marketing and advertising opportunity for your hotel property.Luxury Beddings For Your Hotel Needs

Why Choose Globaltex for your Hotel or Resort?

Our luxury linens are spun from 100% Turkish cotton. At Globaltex Fine Linens, we are a wholesale linen distributor committed to supplying the hospitality and healthcare industries with the finest wholesale hotel linens and restaurant linens.

Hotel bedding is one of our specialties. As luxurious, comfortable bedding is the iconic symbol and the focal point of a hotel’s hospitality, Globaltex is the purveyor of choice for linens in the most prestigious hotel properties, providing the most discerning guests with an unforgettable stay.

We have the most comfortable and durable hotel bedding in our warehouse. Your hotel will be pleased with the quality and pricing of our wholesale linens including hotel sheets, hotel towels, institutional bedspreads, wholesale blankets, hotel mattress covers, hotel pillows and more.

We also offer restaurant linens, hotel linens, hospital linens, banquet linens, and healthcare linens. With Globaltex, you have found the place for all your wholesale linen needs. Especially when it comes to taking it a step further and branding your linens throughout your hospitality establishment.Branding Your Hotel Linens At Wholesale Prices

Premium Hotel Bed Sheet Quality, Comfort, and Style

All of our products are made out of the finest materials and will be easy to clean without worrying about your logo’s durability. Especially since cleaning has one of the highest priorities in hotels. If hotel amenities like a pillowcase, duvet cover and flat sheet can be cleaned without worry your customers will be satisfied with their cleanliness.

Luxury Bedding Supplier for Your Hotel Needs

Along with offering premium bedding, we also offer plush towels, comfortable bathrobes, lounge chair covers, and more that we can easily brand. We can provide you with all of the linens that you need for a great hotel room. We have cozy blankets and throws as well. If you want to have items that will help your hotel be the best that it can be, we can provide you with amazing products at an affordable price that you can then offer your loyal customers to purchase if they love it enough to take home with them.

Branding Your Hotel Linens at Wholesale Prices

For interested hotel properties or for corporate gift ideas, please browse our luxurious Hospitality linens. Globaltex proudly works with each individual property to customize and create linens that speak to the hotel brand aesthetic.

All of our fabrics are tested for pilling, shrinkage, color retention (under assorted wash standards), abrasion, tear strength, and other factors that can adversely affect wear life. Our finished products are then tested, using a variety of techniques, followed by fifty industrial launderings.

Globaltex ensures that our linens will last the high demands your property requires while maintaining a soft, luxurious hand. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and quantities.

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