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At Globaltex Fine Linens in Miami, we provide everything you need for outfitting your hotel rooms with fine linen products that your guests are sure to love. After all, it’s these creature comforts that keep them coming back time after time. All of our products are manufactured in Turkey of the finest organic Turkish cotton available today.

What is Organic Turkish Cotton?

It’s an extremely high-quality cotton that grows in the Aegean portion of Turkey where there are way more sunny days than there are rainy ones. This is the optimum environment for growing cotton. It’s also non-genetically modified and grown with the use of farming materials and methods that have an environmentally low impact. Turkish cotton is also quite unique in its weaving features and designs that often reflect Turkish taste. It offers supreme quality, natural shine, and long-lasting texture. In addition, it possesses long fibers that make it incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. That’s what makes it so perfect for our towels and our imported 100% Turkish cotton sateen sheets.

Strict Guidelines and GOTS Certification

Fields, where organic cotton has been cultivated, are never treated with inorganic fertilizers for at least a three year period. The strictest guidelines are followed during the production of organic cotton products that are GOTS Certified like ours are at Globaltex Fine Linens. This certification helps to ensure that the cotton was produced using environmentally sound and responsible manufacturing methods. In addition, it certifies that it is manufactured of a material that is at least 95 percent organic. Organic Turkish cotton is the perfect basis for hotel linens from towels to bedding and everything in-between. That’s why it is used in all of our fine linens.

Important Features

When you select bed linens for your hotel or resort, each and every product’s specifications can have an effect on its value and price. The days when pricing was an indication of overall quality, or when we chose sheets just for their design and color, are in the past. These days, buying the best bedding is based on a more thorough analysis of the specific product and then making an informed decision about how it will meet your needs and those of your guests. Some of the most important features to take into consideration when buying fine linens include:

  • Cotton thread count
  • Fiber content,
  • Type of weave
  • Hypoallergenic properties

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