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Offering pool amenities or even nearby beach access for guests is typically a feature for hotels, resorts, luxury residences, and cruise lines that has the tendency to attract the attention of guests who are looking to enjoy a nice leisurely getaway. Lounging by the water and sunbathing is the ideal vacation for many guests, and this is why having chair and lounge covers that look and feel amazing to relax on is such an integral component for businesses that offer pool and beach amenities. At Globaltex we offer chair and lounge covers that are made of high quality, sustainable cotton. Our high-quality chair covers have even been manufactured in Turkey at our factory that utilizes solar-energy to produce these chair covers in the most Eco-friendly way possible.

You’re in Good Company

We have worked as a wholesale manufacturer of fine linens for some of the most widely recognized tourism and lodging brands in the world such as The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, The W, and other reputable leaders in the high-end sector of the hospitality industry. You can trust that the same stellar products and service that we offer to these clients will be the same level of premium quality that you will be receiving as well. Since we serve businesses all over the world we are stick to stringent quality control measures to ensure that we are meeting the needs of customers both domestic and abroad.

High-Quality Linens

We are a wholesale manufacturer that cares about each item that we produce, from the moment that it is nothing more than raw material being spun together until you have a completely finished fine linen product in your hands. Our chair and lounge covers are made of ‘100% Turkish Cotton Terry.’ Your guests will get to relax in style and comfort as they lounge by the beach or the pool at your residence. We also provide custom options if you are looking to create something that is very specific to your business. We aim to do our best to provide you with what you’re looking for while delivering superior service.

Globaltex is a wholesale manufacturer that truly cares about you as a customer, and we also care deeply about the comfort of the guests that reside with you while they’re away from the comfort of their own homes. We want to help you make anywhere in the world feel like home, but better for your guests. You can visit our showroom in Miami to see more of our selection. We offer a variety of high-quality linens for your business that will complement your chair covers such as bathrobes, towels, bedding, and more. Stop by or contact us so that we can go over our inventory and options with you.