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 Buying wholesale towels for the hospitality industry Working in the hospitality industry has allowed you to see just how much high-quality linens can add to the perceived value of a residence. Guests want soft, plush, clean, beautiful towels to dry off with when they’re hopping out of the shower, the pool, or even a nearby ocean. Globaltex offers a variety of wholesale items for businesses in the hospitality industry to help fit the criteria that you and your guests are looking for. First, ask yourself a few questions to help you figure out just what you need.

Which Service Industry Are You In?

The type of service industry that your business is in encompasses tourism and lodging. Whether your business is a hotel, a resort, or even a cruise line we’ve got options for you. If you are looking for a particular type of towel to buy wholesale, you can look through our inventory to find what you need. Choosing items that fit with your image, upscale or family friendly, will help to simplify the buying process for you. For instance, if your residence offers beach or pool amenities, you will definitely need beach and pool towels. However, the look of your selection can differ based upon your own personal branding. Vibrant colors typically translate best for family-friendly resorts and cruise lines, but solid white towels usually appeal to higher-end guests. This point brings us to our next question.

What Types of Guests Do You Serve?

The guests that you serve at your residence play a major factor in your buying decision, and since you are looking to buy wholesale you’ll want to pay close attention to what they like. We make it a point to provide a little something for everyone, but with each towel in each category, we provide high-quality cotton made in Turkey. The details that we put into the selection that we offer, will not go unnoticed. If your guests love pops of color, we can customize your order to display rich colors that will grab their attention. If pure luxury is what your guests are looking for, then we provide 100% ring spun cotton to help you satisfy them.

What’s The Overall Experience You Want to Share?

Your business brings something special to the table, and we want to help you share that with your guests. Do you offer a relaxed setting and experience to guests? Is your business more about getting out enjoying some fun and excitement? You can count on us to provide something that will help to accent the service and experience that you want your guests to feel. At Globaltex we want to help you choose the best quality products for your resort, hotel, cruise line, and luxury residences. Contact us to see more of the products that we offer to businesses in the hospitality industry.

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