Chaise and Lounge Cover Distributor in Miami

Chaise and Lounge Cover Distributor in Miami

Chaise and Lounge Cover Distributor in MiamiWhen your hotel, motel, country inn, or bed and breakfast guests are ready to leave the comfort of their room and venture out to the beach or poolside, you want them to feel prepared. You also want them to feel that you’ve thought of everything when it comes to their ultimate comfort. You certainly don’t want to disappoint them.

Give Them Chaise and Lounge Covers

That’s why you want to have complimentary chaise and lounge covers for them. Why? Because they can’t be as comfortable as you want them to be if they have to sit on a bare naked lounge chair. We all know that they’re not all that comfortable without a soft plush cover. That’s where our chaise and lounge chair covers come in. Some people may think that a beach or bath towel could work just as well but unfortunately, they’d be wrong. What your guests really need is a cover with a pocket that slips over the back of the lounge to keep it in place.

Perfect Size Plus No Chemicals

At Globaltex, your chaise and lounge cover distributor in Miami, all of our covers are an excellent size at 32 inches by 87 inches. They have a special flap at the top as well. All of our linens are made without using any chemicals. In addition, our manufacturing plant utilizes only reusable energy. Our 100 percent organic Turkish cotton is hypoallergenic and naturally-dyed. This makes them eco-friendly products on top of being beautiful, soft, and luxurious. Everything is also ringspun, giving your hotel guests the very best when it comes to softness and absorbency. In addition, all of our covers are double-stitched for more durability and a more expensive look but without the expensive price.

Chaise and Lounge Cover Advertising

Getting your hotel name and/or logo in front of the public is the name of the game. You can easily turn your hotel’s chaise and lounge covers into the perfect advertising medium. Here at Globalex, we would be more than happy to discuss all of the options with you for customizing your covers. You can easily have your hotel, motel, country inn, or B&B name and/or logo added. That way, everybody who sees your lounge covers will know who you are.

When you keep your brand out there for all to see, your profits increase.

Show Them You Care

Show your guests how much you care about their comfort. Download our complete catalog and find all of the luxury linens you need to make your guests feel at home, only better. For more information about all of that plus the chaise and lounge covers that we offer, contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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