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When you book a room in an extended stay hotel, you expect to find a small kitchen and other amenities waiting for you, but you shouldn’t expect to see towels in your room. If you stay in a hotel or resort right on the beach though, you expect to see a few fluffy towels in the bathroom. At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we can help you order custom branded hotels that your guests can take to the beach and use in their rooms.

Turkish Cotton

The biggest reason to choose our towels is that we use real Turkish cotton in each one. This material is not only soft and fluffy but absorbent too. Guests can use them to dry off after a shower without splashing water on the floor and use them to get rid of the saltwater that clings to their skin after a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Turkish cotton is not only soft when it arrives, but that material will only become softer over time. Your guests might like coming back for those towels and staying for all the other amenities that you offer.

Custom Towels for Hotels

A common issue that hotels and resorts face on the beach is simply getting their towels back. When your guests head down to the beach with towels in their hands, they might not return with those same towels. Some guests will leave them sitting in the sand, while others will toss the towels in any return containers that they see, even if those containers belong to other hotels. When you opt for custom towels, your guests can see the logo of your hotel or resort on the front and remember to bring them back.

Creating Custom Branded Beach Towels

One reason you might opt for custom towels is that you want to build your brand. The same logo that you use on business cards and room keys can appear on the towels that you buy from us. We offer help for hotel and resort owners and managers who want to shop for custom towels and other products. You can opt for towels in different colors that feature your logo or brand and get Turkish cotton towels that are even softer than those you use at home.

More Than Branded Towels

At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer more than just the custom branded towels that your beach resort needs. You can also use us to find other custom products that your guests will love. With terry bags, you can give your guests bags that they can use to store their wet clothing and items after leaving the beach. Custom headrests are great for use on the chairs that guests relax on white sitting next to the water. You’ll also find custom laundry bag and bin covers. When you’re ready to buy custom branded towels and other products for your Miami hotel or resort, contact us to get started on your order.