Custom Branded Robes for Hotels and Resorts

Studies suggest that it takes only a few minutes for people to forget even the most important information. How long do you think it might take for them to lose the name of your hotel or resort after they check out?

There’s a good chance that you could be missing out on repeat business simply because previous customers have forgotten the name and location of your facility. Custom branded robes can change all that by giving your patrons an extra opportunity to keep your brand in front of their minds.

In fact, at Globaltex Fine Linens we’ve found a number of reasons that proprietors in the hospitality industry love these special garments.

Prove Your Organization’s Worth At-a-Glance

All of our robes are made from authentic 100 percent organic Turkish cotton. It’s grown in the Aegean region, which has the longest coastline in Turkey. As a result, they’re especially luxurious and just seem to exude a sense of good taste to anyone who slips into them.

That means your customers will start associating your brand’s image with the finer things in life from the moment that they slip into it. There’s no better type of advertising than this.

Best of all, merely seeing how fluffy and luxuriant your robes are is often more than enough to ensure that your consumers know exactly what your group has to offer them.

That being said, a custom branded robe can also paradoxically help to cut costs depending on the type of operation you’re running.

Keeping Robes Around Longer

Companies that need to keep their linens in service longer should find that these robes are capable of outlasting many other types. Some people have elected to allow their guests to bring their robes home with them, which can help further increase brand recognition.

Each time they lay eyes on the souvenir of their vacation, your former guests will be reminded of the excellent treatment they received while there. The fact that our robes are sold on a wholesale-basis makes it easy to get plenty to give out.

On the other hand, they’ll stand up to reuse if this is at all necessary. At the same time, they’ll be less likely to grow feet and walk away if this has been a problem in your business thus far.

Some resorts prefer that guests don’t take linens and other materials away with them after their stay. However, this can be difficult to enforce since many patrons have a tendency to simply hide the materials that they’re taking off with.

As soon as your company’s custom brand image is emblazoned on a robe, it becomes easier to spot. That being said, this doesn’t at all tarnish the look of an extremely high-class facility since consumers have expected that any robes they might get feature this kind of custom treatment.

Finding the Right Robes for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you represent, you need a custom look that will speak volumes to potential clients. Contact us today and find out more about the options you have when it comes to custom branded robes that would look great on the properties you manage.

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