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Let’s face it, your hotel linens need to be even better than what your guests are used to at-home. When they come to your hotel or resort, they want to feel special and pampered. One of the best ways to pamper them and ensure a return visit (or many of them) is to use only the very best hotel linens in every single guest room.

Rethink Those Old Hotel Linens

If you’re thinking that they really don’t notice the linens in your guest rooms, think again. Hotel guests notice a lot more than you might think and if your linens aren’t up-to-snuff, they always notice. The problem is that they’ll remember that when they get ready to book a Florida hotel the next time. That’s why you need to rethink your old hotel linens sooner rather than later. Waiting until you lose customers shouldn’t be an option.

Both Bed AND Bath

Don’t just think that luxury hotel linens only apply to bedding either. You don’t want your guests to get out of their luxurious bed, get into a hot shower or bath, and then get out and grab a seedy, thin, time-worn towel. Right? You want them to dry off with soft luxurious Globaltex Turkish cotton towels. They’re the epitome of absorbent luxury and softness, not to mention how beautiful they are and how many choices you have to order them online or from our catalogue.

Unparalleled Luxury

In case you aren’t aware of all of the products that we carry, here are some of our most popular:

1. Towels (plenty of styles, sizes, and colors)

2. Beautiful bedding

3. Blankets (full-size and throws)

3. Designer decorative throw pillows

4. A wide range of luxurious bathrobes 5. Luxury terry bags and lounge-chair-covers (for beach & pool)

Turkish Cotton

The fabric that your hotel linens are made from is of the utmost importance, so we use only 100 percent cotton imported from our plant in Turkey. Everybody knows that Turkish cotton is the best in the world and that’s why we use it exclusively in our many products. We know that you’ll appreciate the quality of this imported cotton as much as your guests will.

Learn More

Trust the best distributor of hotel linens in Florida to ensure that your guests always get the finest available on the market today. You’re sure to love the entire collection as well as our excellent customer service and low prices. To learn more, it’s easy by just contacting us at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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