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Distributor of Lounge Chair Cover in CaribbeanPicture this if you will. Your hotel guests decide to head down to the beach or out by the pool for some sun, fun, and cool water relaxation. They get there and go to sit down or recline on a waterside lounge. They look at the lounge or chair and suddenly realize that they don’t have a lounge chair cover. Then, they look over at a guest from another hotel and they have a nice soft chair cover with the name of the hotel emblazoned all over it! At that point, your guest says to him or herself (or maybe to each other) “Why doesn’t our hotel have those?” Oops, you really dropped the ball on that one.

What About Next Time?

Fast forward to the next time that particular guest is planning a trip to the Caribbean. Will that guest think immediately of your establishment and its lack of lounge chair covers? Or, will that other hotel’s name, which is probably still stuck in his mind from seeing it all over that chair cover, send him running to your competitor? Chances are, it will be the latter. Lounge chair covers that are personalized with your hotel, inn, resort or B&B’s name embellishing them are a very inexpensive yet highly effective method of getting your name in front of potential customers.

Who Needs Them and Why?

The answer to that is quite simple really. Everybody. Yes, everyone needs lounge chair covers when they’re visiting the Caribbean. Why? Well, it’s just not quite as comfortable having to sit on a bare-naked chair or chaise lounge. Whether poolside or on the beach, the day is just that much better with a nice soft chair cover. In addition, the truth is that you need them as well for the sake of your hotel. All you need to do is buy the very best covers from us at Globaltex Fine Linens. We’ll even personalize them with your hotel’s name so that people will see it and remember it. It’s a win-win for everyone. One for you and promoting your hotel and another for your guests, who will be way more comfortable than before and keep coming back.

Happy Guests Are Return Customers

Showing your guests that you genuinely care about their comfort with complimentary lounge chair covers is just good business. Why not get started right now? Simply download our catalog to help you with finding the perfect chair covers for your Caribbean hotel. Your guests will love them and you’ll be helping them to feel at home, only so much better. For additional info about our soft plush personalized lounge covers, all you need to do is contact us here.