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Your bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of time. A beautiful bed is the key to a stunning bedroom, as it is the centerpiece of the room. Your bed is the first thing that draws the viewer’s eye. If your bedroom is decked out in stunning furniture, but there is a messy or unattractive bed, then none of the rest will even matter. When it comes to creating a beautiful bed, there are typically two choices: a duvet cover or a comforter. Both of these options provide comfort, design, and practicality. However, the best option when it comes to your bedroom will always be duvet covers. Read on to find out why. GlobalTex Fine Linens USA is a top provider of hotel collection bedding and more in the Miami area. If you are looking to order hotel comforters and other bedding, call GlobalTex Fine Linens USA today!


Why A Duvet Cover?


A duvet cover functions as a giant pillowcase for your comforter. It can be made out of a variety of fabrics, and is a simple slipcover that typically has a button or zipper enclosure to hold the comforter in place and protect it from becoming soiled. A duvet cover can be the perfect option for your bedroom if you’re looking for style, versatility, affordability, and more. There are a variety of reasons why you may want to get a duvet cover today. 

  • Variety- Duvet covers come in many styles and designs, all types of fabrics, and a range of looks. You will be able to find duvet covers from a pintuck textured look to a clean-lined hotel collection bedding feel. There are endless options.
  • Affordability- Buying new comforters can be expensive, as not only are you paying for the design, but also for the batting and fill. Duvet covers, on the other hand, are typically priced lower since you’re only paying for fabric. You are able to easily and affordably change up the look of your room, or choose a new duvet cover for every season!
  • Versatility- Since duvet covers are just light pieces of fabric, there are more options- you can replace a heavy down comforter in the hotter summer months and just use the light and cool duvet cover until the weather cools down.


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  • Easy to Clean- Washing a comforter is near to impossible, and drying is a pain. A duvet cover is super simple to clean, and you just treat them like you do your sheets. 
  • Protection- Comforters can easily get dirty, no matter how careful you are. Duvet covers help to protect your expensive comforter, and you can keep your comforter looking, smelling, and feeling brand new for many years to come. 
  • Comfort- With a duvet cover, you can provide optimal comfort for your comforter, and end up having the most comfortable down comforter possible no matter what it looks like with the duvet cover to provide aesthetics
  • Storage Space- Since you only have to buy one or two comforters and swap out the duvet covers, it saves you quite a lot of storage space. Without having to store three or four comforters, you can stock up on style no matter how much storage room you have!


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Duvet covers are fantastic for everything from hotel comforters to your bedroom. Call GlobalTex Fine Linens USA in Miami for your hotel collection bedding needs and more!

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