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When it comes to your bed, whether it’s at home or the hotel you’re staying at, you want to make sure that the sheets and comforter are top of the line. This is why so many people spend time looking into hotel linens and luxury bedroom sets. They want the best of the best in high-quality linens, and now the experts are sharing tips and advice to make sure you get exactly what you are searching for. Globaltex Fine Linens USA in Miami has a team of professionals that possess the knowledge you need to make sure that the next linens you purchase are the best ones yet! Keep reading to find out more about their secrets.


Finding the Best Linens to Improve Your Sleep

Luxury bedroom sets will not only help you love the look and design of your room, but they can also help you get a better night’s sleep. People around the world are on a mission to find the sheets that top hotels use to ensure their guests’ comfort, and the professionals are finally sharing their tips and advice so you can bring that same comfort home!


One of the first reasons that hotel sheets are top of the line is because there are a number of different tests that the materials need to go through before they are used to create different linens.

  • Shrinkage is one of the biggest concerns for people when they are picking their bedding. The materials used for hotel sheets are tested extensively for this since the linens are cleaned constantly. 
  • It’s common knowledge that some colors fade faster than others, which is why when hotel bedding is created, the colors chosen are carefully tested to ensure they will not fade quickly. 
  • Durability is another concern for most people because some materials feel fantastic when they are fresh out of the package, but the more they are washed, the less comforting they are. When picking from top hotel brands, you can guarantee that the materials used will continue to feel the same after each and every wash!


Other Things to Know Before Buying Your Hotel Linens

There are a few things that you need to check before purchasing any bedding!

  • Always make sure that you are checking the tag and verifying that they are 100% cotton.
  • You want to buy linens that are at least a 300 thread count or more. The higher the thread count is, the longer the sheets will last and the softer they will stay.
  • Stick to a white color or white base linens because it is easier to tell if they are dirty, and they are much easier to clean. 
  • Be sure that the linens you are buying are either Turkish, Egyptian, or USA cotton because they tend to be better quality, softer, and not mixed with other materials like polyester or nylon.
  • You must know the dimensions of your mattress before making any purchase. Don’t assume that the bedding you bought will fit your bed because every mattress has different dimensions, and not all sheets will fit correctly. 


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