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Six Reasons To Buy Wholesale Supplies For Your Hotel

Nothing says “luxury” quite like soft, high-quality hotel linens. One of the main reasons hotels and resorts are so well known for their soft, clean, and beautiful linens is because they update their hotel rooms with fresh linens regularly. For that reason, many hotels will benefit from searching “hotel supplies near me” online. We at Globaltex Fine Linens USA are a wholesaler of 100% organic Turkish cotton bedding in Miami, and we want to share some information on why wholesale hotel supplies are important for your hotel’s or resort’s business. For the best in quality and price, wholesale is always the best option.


Search “Hotel Supplies Near Me” in Miami for Turkish Cotton

There’s a reason we at Globaltex Fine Linens USA use 100% organic Turkish cotton with our products–several, in fact. For starters, organic cotton is more eco-friendly than other kinds of cotton or other bedding fabrics. There are no harsh chemicals used in the process of taking organically grown cotton and weaving it into textiles, meaning there is less runoff pollution in the development of the materials. Additionally, organic cotton has softer fibers that expand when they absorb more water, which actually makes the fabrics softer with more washes.


As for why we choose Turkish cotton, it’s much like Egyptian cotton, which is extremely soft, but Turkish cotton has the added advantage of having more durability, lasting longer. Surviving more uses and more washes means you not only get luxurious, soft fabric, but also that you’ll spend less money in the long run when it comes to replacing your bedding. It’s this combination of details that make up why we choose 100% organic Turkish cotton–because we feel it is the best material for affordable, luxury linens.


Buying Wholesale vs Retail

When it comes to wholesale hotel supplies, you’re buying your products in bulk at a lower price than with retail. Someone selling in bulk, for example, knows that they’re able to sell a certain amount of product with any given order, whereas retail is usually purchased for an individual person. You’re also usually buying from the manufacturer with wholesale products, which means the price can be reduced even further since you aren’t purchasing the product through a “middle man” so-to-speak.


If you’re a hotel or resort looking to keep a fresh supply of luxurious linens, then it makes sense to buy in bulk so that you have enough linens to cover all your hotel rooms. Some hotels may purchase their linens at retail prices, but this will mean you’re losing money when you could take advantage of wholesale prices.


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If you’ve made the search “hotel supplies near me,” then you’re on the lookout for a wholesale supplier of hotel and resort supplies. We at GLobaltex Fine Linens USA offer some of the best quality bedding supplies. So what are you waiting for? GIve us a call today at our Miami location to learn how you can get wholesale linens in your hotel ASAP.

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