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How to decorate your motel with luxury linens and bed sheetsFor years now, motels have gotten a bit of a bad rap in movies and on TV so some people have gotten the idea that they’re all run-down, seedy, and totally lacking in any kind of luxurious style. They’d be wrong, however, and maybe you’d like to show them just how wrong they are. How can you do that? By decorating your motel with plenty of luxury linens and bed sheets.

A Luxury-Design Scheme

Sure, it’d probably be difficult to turn the Bates Motel into something with a trendy luxury-design scheme but most motels have a lot more to work with than that one. Like yours, right? Still not sure where to start? How about starting with the beds? In order for the beds in your motel to look luxurious, they need plenty of nice luxurious linens. Here at Globaltex Fine Linens, we know all about luxury linens for hotels and motels because they’re our specialty.

What We Carry

The good news is that we carry everything you could possibly need for decorating your motel and making the guest rooms so much more luxurious, comfortable, and stylish, including:

  1. Bath, beach, and hand towels
  2. Blankets (cotton and bamboo)
  3. Bathrobes (soft and fluffy ones)
  4. Beach bags made from luxurious terry cloth
  5. Bed pillows (soft and fluffy)
  6. Beautiful coordinating bedding sets
  7. Colorful and decorative throw pillows
  8. Duvet covers (several sizes and colors)
  9. Duvet and pillow inserts
  10. Lounge-chair covers
  11. Mattress encasement covers
  12. Pillow Shams
  13. Soft and luxurious blankets and throws

Who Says Motels Aren’t Luxurious?

Don’t let anyone tell you that motels can’t be luxurious. With the right luxury linens in your motel rooms, your accommodations can be just as luxurious as the fine hotels. Just use your imagination and don’t be afraid to go bold with colors, especially when it comes to the trendy throw pillows that we offer at Globaltex Fine Linens. They’re available in numerous colors and textures to suit any decor. Take a look at our online catalog and you’re sure to find some that you love for redecorating your motel. Last but not least, everything that we sell has a 100-percent money back, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Get Started Today

The best place to start with the job of decorating your motel with luxury linens and bed sheets is to let us assist you with the task of getting started right with the finest linens available. We have some of the finest luxury linens worldwide. For more info about our luxurious bed sheets, other linens, and accessories, contact us here.