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There are two ways for retailers to get products on their shelves: make the products themselves or buy them from someone else. Many retailers simply don’t have the resources to manufacture and store huge quantities of their goods, so it is easier to just buy them. This is where a wholesaler comes in, as a middleman between retailers and manufacturers, securing deals and discounts on all sides. Globaltex Fine Linens supplies the best quality wholesale linens for Houston hospitals and hotels. In today’s current crisis, hospitals especially need these more than ever, so if you’re looking for linens for sale, give us a call.

How A Wholesaler Can Help You Save Money

Why can’t I just buy directly from the manufacturer? While this might just seem like a superfluous extra step, wholesalers are able to save everyone on all sides some money. Let’s play with some numbers to illustrate this.

[This scenario is a bit different than the regular manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer scenario, as hotels and hospitals are likely not planning to resell their purchased products like retailers are. If you are buying for hotels and hospitals, are you simply looking to save instead of making a profit? Luckily, a wholesaler can help with either of these goals.]

So let’s say the hospital is looking to buy 100 sets of sheets this month. For that many sheets, the manufacturer is willing to sell them at $10 per set.

The wholesaler, meanwhile, is looking to buy $50,000 sets of sheets this month, as they are likely selling to multiple retailers, hotels, hospitals, etc. Because they are buying so many, the manufacturer is willing to part with the linens at only $4 per set of sheets. The wholesaler takes these sheets and sells them to retailers at $8 per set of sheets.

So in the second scenario, you are able to buy the number of sheets you need at a lower price, paying $8 instead of $10 per set of sheets. These are all hypothetical numbers, of course, but as you can see, the discount will add up the more you buy, saving your hotel or hospital money to put toward other needs.

Where To Find Quality Linens For Sale

Now more than ever, hospitals and hotels need a reliable source of high-quality, durable sheets during this crisis. At Globaltex, we are devoting much of our attention to getting our wholesale linens to the places where they’re needed the most, at prices hospitals and hotels can actually work with (as opposed to buying more expensive equivalents from manufacturers). Cleanliness and comfort are of imperative importance during this pandemic, and so hospitals need linens that are long-lasting, durable in high-duty washing, drying, and disinfecting processes, and soft to the touch. That’s the kind of quality we offer at Globaltex.

Contact Us For Wholesale Linens

If you are a hospital or hotel looking for linens for sale during this troubling time, Globaltex Fine Linens is here for you. We are doing our part to help out Houston hospitals in need of new sheets, ensuring that their patients are in the cleanest and most comfortable environment possible. Call us today for wholesale pricing today. 

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