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Nothing says “relaxing getaway” quite like white, luxury sheets in a beautiful Miami hotel or resort. When it comes to wholesale hotel supplies, you want to make sure you have the perfect kind of linens to ensure the most luxurious experience for your guests. We at Globaltex Fine Linens USA get this and want to make sure that every hotel across the country has access to soft, high-quality linens so that no hotel or resort guest gets anything but the absolute best. This is why we’d like to share with you our guide to picking the perfect hotel linens to stock your rooms.


What to Look for: High-Quality Towels

The last thing any hotel or resort guest wants is a rough towel that lacks proper absorbency. To ensure you’re stocked with the best quality towels that will promise soft comfort, follow these tips:

  • Material: Turkish Cotton
    • A popular material often used for high-quality linens is Egyptian cotton which offers many benefits; however, when it comes to true luxury, Turkish cotton is superior. Both benefit from being both softer and more durable than ordinary cotton, but Turkish cotton is able to retain its softness while also being lightweight, almost like a cloud. It’s also just as absorbent as Egyptian cotton, but dries faster making it more resistant to developing mildew and thus longer-lasting.
  • 500GSM
    • GSM, or grams per square meter, is a measurement of the thickness and heaviness of the towel. When it comes to soft bath towels, you want no less than 500GSM. That said, if you’re also supplying beach towels or pool towels for your guests, you’ll want a lighter GSM for those. 
  • Brand Embroidery
    • While not necessary for the comfort of your guests, having your brand embroidered onto all your towels is a great sign of quality. Guests will notice this small detail and will feel that they are receiving a more high-end experience staying with you.


What to Look for: Luxury Sheets

When it comes to bed linens, there are two major factors to consider: fabric and thread-count. With fabric, there are two main choices to go for. Parcale is a high thread-count fabric with a soft feel and is stronger, making it last longer. In contrast, Sateen will typically have an even higher thread-count and will both look and feel softer than Parcale, but has a slightly shorter lifespan. The decision is ultimately up to your preference. When it comes to thread-count, there a few things to consider:

  • 200+
    • This is the more budget-friendly thread-count for hotels. These fabrics will be cooler and lighter, so they can be good options for summer months, especially for beachy climates.
  • 400+
    • This option is more common for major hotel chains and provides more comfort while still being somewhat cool.
  • 600+
    • For more luxury, pushing for the 600+ thread-count will give you linens that will not only feel soft and smooth, but will look it too.
  • 800+
    • For the ultimate luxury experience, finding linens with a thread count of 800-1000 will give you a fuller fabric that feels absolutely angelic to the touch. This is a great option to have for hotels or resorts with a presidential suite or other high end staying option.


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If you’re in need of luxury sheets or high-quality towels, we at Globaltex Fine Linens USA can help supply you with exactly what you need. Whether you’re a cozy hotel or beachy, Miami resort, we can help you will all the wholesale hotel supplies you need to ensure your guests have the most luxurious stay. Contact us today for more information on our products.

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