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Part of the current “new normal” is wearing an antiviral face mask in public. They are most effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 when worn in mass by the general public, which is why the CDC recommends wearing a mask anytime you must venture out in public. Masks are meant to be used in addition to other safety measures, including social distancing and frequent handwashing. But how effective are these masks, when should you use one, and what kinds of masks are there? We explore all these questions in this article. Make sure you are protecting yourself and the general public by getting your hands on a mask. Globaltex Fine Linens USA now supplies Houston, TX, with this crucial PPE safety equipment to both families and workplaces. Get your mask today!

Which Antiviral Face Mask Should I Buy?

Surgical Face Mask

These disposable masks are generally worn by health workers (such as doctors, nurses, and dentists) who work in close proximity to their patients, both to guard themselves against incoming splashes of bodily fluids from the nose and mouth and to prevent a wide spray of these fluids from their own mouths and noses. They are not 100% effective against airborne particles, but they do cover the mouth and nose and prevent incoming and outgoing fluid particles that may contain the coronavirus.


This is the most effective type of face mask, as it actually filters the air you breathe by ridding the oxygen you inhale of 95% of outside particles (including the virus). These are primarily worn by health workers in highly contagious environments and those who work with toxic substances.

Cloth Face Masks

Cloth masks are similar to surgical masks in that they cover the mouth and nose and are mainly used to prevent the spread of liquid-based germs. However, the main difference is that they are better at keeping your germs from spreading than from preventing outside germs from getting in. These are the most widely available to the general public, which is why it is important that we all wear them in large numbers so that we reduce our own spread much more effectively. Another benefit to cloth face masks is that they can be reused! Just make sure you wash them after every use.

Get the PPE Safety Equipment You Need

Between wearing the proper antiviral face mask, social distancing, and keeping up with frequent handwashing, stopping the spread of the coronavirus is a group effort that we should all participate in. Masks are by no means an end-all-be-all solution, but when used in mass, as directed by the CDC, we can make a significant change in preventing the continued spread of COVID-19. That’s why Globaltex now offers eco-friendly, high-quality reusable masks, and coming soon, we will have top-notch surgical masks. So, whether you’re looking to buy for your family or your workplace, we have the solution you need. 

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Get the PPE safety equipment you need from Globaltex Fine Linens USA. We have been playing our part in supplying Houston, TX, with the high-quality linens hospitals need, and now we are adding face masks so that you can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Call now to order your masks.