Bedding Set

Have you been searching everywhere that you can possibly think of (even online) trying to find the perfect wholesale bedding sets for your hotel, inn, or resort? Or, maybe you just need one luxurious bedding set for your home to spiff up your master bedroom or guestroom. At Globaltex Fine Linens, we can definitely help you with that. We have a wide variety of wholesale bedding sets for your establishment’s guestrooms as well as an extensive luxury bedding sets for home collection. The best part is that they’re all made of 100 percent cotton from our factory in Turkey. Did you know that Turkish cotton is the softest cotton in the world, making it perfect for luxury bedding?

Not Just For Hotels Anymore

If you thought that wholesale comforters, sheet sets, and duvet cover sets (you know, the ones that have that luxury feel that you remember from that hotel where you vacationed last year) were only available for hoteliers, think again. Here at Globaltex, we offer home textiles from our wholesale bedding collection for home as well. Now, not only hotels and resorts have the very best in luxury linens because you can have them, too. Yes, high thread count bed sheets and even bedding sets have that soft silky smooth finish are not out of reach for anyone’s budget these days.

Home Collection Linens of Globaltex

Buying all of your bedding from us at Globaltex should be at the top of your to-do list because we can:

  1. Help you save lots of money (and who doesn’t like saving money?)
  2. Help you save valuable time shopping for deals on bedding sets,
  3. Give you great customer service,
  4. Provide the highest-quality bedding that’s available anywhere,
  5. Provide a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  6. Also give you some really excellent wholesale deals on:
  7. Towels
  8. Robes
  9. Pillows
  10. Throw Pillows
  11. Blankets & Throws
  12. Comforters
  13. Fitted Sheets
  14. Flat Sheets
  15. Matching Sheet Sets
  16. Mattress Protectors
  17. Terry Beach Bags
  18. Terry Beach Chair Covers

They’re all luxurious and many of them are available in some of your favorite colors. Many of our products are also customizable with your hotel’s logo if you so desire, making them the perfect walking advertisements for your particular establishment.

Get Info About Wholesale Bedding Sets

When it comes to a time at your hotel, resort, or inn to redecorate your guest rooms or simply replace any time-worn bedding, we’re here to help you get the very best luxury bedding sets available on the market today. You can order them at low wholesale prices from us and also get our 100 percent money back guarantee. On the other hand, perhaps you’re redecorating your master bedroom or a guest room at home and want high-quality linens from our luxury bedding collection. We’re here to help you with your choices, either way, contact us to get more info.