Wholesale Bathrobes

Wholesale Hotel Style Bathrobes

If you own and/or operate an inn, resort, B&B, or hotel, then you undoubtedly know just how important high-quality amenities are to your guests. If they don’t feel like you went that extra mile to make them feel comfortable and special during their stay, they might never come back. You don’t want that, so when they finish taking a hot shower or a bubble bath in your establishment, shouldn’t they have a warm, super soft, and high-quality bathrobe that they can slip on?

Clearance Bathrobes

Our everyday prices are excellent but we want to make it even easier for you to keep your guests happy with our quick-drying robes. That’s why we even offer clearance bathrobes to help you with your budget as well. Find every robe feature possible and at clearance prices to boot. Now, you have no excuse for not giving your guests a hotel robe that’s at least as nice as their home bathrobes. At Globaltex, you can now get both quality and wholesale prices at the same time. 

Pure Organic Cotton

All of our robes are made from organic Turkish cotton, which is exceptionally high-quality cotton that only grows in the Aegean region of Turkey. Why? Well, because of the warm climate there that offers the maximum number of sunny days and minimal rain, which is the optimum environment for growing cotton. What you get are natural shine and long-lasting texture, which means robes that are extremely soft and ultra-absorbent, are perfect for luxury rooms. In addition, when you customize your wholesale bathrobes, your guests get a lasting reminder of their magnificent stay in your hotel. 

Never Let Those Guests Down

When a hotel guest checks in, you want them to be pleased with every little thing about their room. That means everything from the decor and bedding to the cotton robe supplied for their convenience. You know quite well what they’re expecting in the way of luxury and comfort, so that’s what you work hard to give them. Disappointing them is not an option, so make sure that you’re buying your luxurious house bathrobes. If you’re ready to order or just to get more information about the wholesale robes that we’re offering, just contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.