Ramazan Patak: The Man Behind Globaltex Fine Linens

If you have been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that the finest hotels in Miami (The Ritz Carlton, 1 Hotel South Beach, W South Beach, The Biltmore, and Delano to name a few) have one thing in common – incredible linens. The quality, look, and feel are branded and on point for the luxury standards, you inherently expected from our South Florida paradise.

This is no accident. Steadily, the man who started Globaltex USA has been making moves to put his company on the map and make a big splash in the Miami scene. This isn’t an easy town to make it in either. If you’re fake, you’ll be ousted. Only those with true clout and quality business rise to the top. Introducing Ramazan Patak, a Turkish native who has made the Magic City his fine linens empire.

The Business Strategy And Philosophy That Set Patak Apart

“I saw a gap in the market,” the Globaltex CEO says. “Every other linen company out there gets low-quality products shipped in containers from India and China…. Sometimes it is easy to tell when “fine” bedding, towels and bathrobes are not cut from the same cloth.”

Being from Turkey, Ramazan knew his country is known for its high thread count fabrics. They last a very long time, and the longer you wash them, the softer it gets. With that insight and the right connections to a family-owned eco-friendly factory operating in his home country, Globaltex was formed just 4 short years ago but already a new 3,500-square-foot showroom has opened recently in Miami’s Little River.

Part of his personal philosophy that he shares with others has to do with being consistent, having goals, not listening to the noise and the virtues of love, humility, and gratitude.

This is extended in his work with consideration to others and the planet; Patak wanted anyone will be able to purchase products like sustainable cotton towels, linen sheets, and bamboo blankets. Hopefully, Patak says, he can change perceptions and teach the value of natural products. “People must be more educated,” he says. “It’s like a bottle of wine: If it’s bad, you’ll know.”

Ramazan Patak In The Media

When Inc. magazine revealed that Globaltex is No. 249 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, the magazine interviews, social invites, and client list continued pouring in just the same, but with that added seal of recognition that makes it all the more luxurious to revel in. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—over 22 million independent small businesses.

Knowing that what sets Globaltex USA apart from competitors is his hospitality expertise, Patak has truly tapped into understanding the needs of the industry and clients. As Modern Luxury noted, Patak is accustomed [and attuned] to the finer things. Virtual Strategy Magazine cited him as saying, “[He] wanted people to feel the same way they do while they are on vacation as when they are getting into bed at home.”

The consistency, quality of custom made luxury linen products, exceptional service, and word of mouth referrals allow the company to gain more market shares every day. Meanwhile, Ramazan burgeons on with Miami Magazine naming him as one of

their Power Players of 2019. And remember his comment earlier on wine? That’s because as an avid traveler to wineries around the world, he is also a sommelier who aspires to own his own winery one day.

Be on the lookout for a wine from his vineyard, as clearly Ramazan Patak can do anything he puts his mind to. Learn more about GlobaltexUSA and Ramazon on their website.