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Your Supplier of Luxury Linens is Your Strategic Partner

As the owner or manager of a luxury resort property, you are probably familiar with the importance of creating experiences that will keep guests coming back. If you operate in a competitive market such as Miami, you know that your guests will likely return to the area due to the enticing tourism attractions; what you don’t know is if they will actually return to your property.

The Power of Sleep Experiences

Over the last few years, the luxury and boutique hotel sector has been focusing on improving their guests’ sleep experiences for the purpose of generating return visits and promoting brand loyalty. While some hotel chains have invested heavily on their mattresses, most hoteliers have found that guests seem to be more impressed by fine linens.
In terms of bedding packages, guests are being thoroughly pampered by luxury hotel managers. When compared to the late 20th century, the beds in upscale hotel rooms these days have a linen count that is 30 percent higher on average, and this has a lot to do with the established practice of triple-sheeting, which involves placing a sheet on top and below the comforter.

On top of being offered more bedding, guests are also being pampered with fine linens; sheets made with Turkish cotton now feature higher thread counts while blanket and throw combinations are now more lavish. Pillows are now bundled with cases and shams, and all these bedding improvements have a definite purpose: to trigger the guests’ unconscious reaction when they sleep in total comfort and luxury.

The sleep experience is something that stays with guests even when they do not think about it. When planning a return stay at a luxury hotel, guests will often rationalize what they like; some will even compare factors such as the view, the menu, room amenities, and access to the beach, but their sleep experience is something that they do not need to rationalize because it is instinctive. In other words, a positive sleep experience has a great potential of making guests return to your hotel.

A Manufacturer and Distributor is Your Best Linen Supplier

The relationship between a hotelier and her linen distributer has become more important than ever. Most fine linen distributors in South Florida are not manufacturers; it is uncommon to find an exclusive distributer that is also a manufacturer. Globaltex USA is linen supplier that is more than just a distributer. Our American offices are located in Miami, but we also operate a manufacturing plant in Turkey, home of the world’s finest linens.

There are many advantages of doing business with a Miami linen supplier that has direct access to a manufacturing plant. The first benefit is related to the cost; you do not have to worry about having to cover the sales commissions of middlemen. Another benefit is that you will find a greater diversity of design and products. Finally, you can entrust Globaltex with designing your very own line of bedding based on the sleep experience you want to provide to your guests. We offer a variety of high-quality linens for your business that will complement your chair covers such as bathrobes, towels, bedding, and more. Stop by or contact us so that we can go over our inventory and options with you.

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