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Supplier of Lounge Chair Cover in TexasIf you’re in the hospitality business in Texas, the comfort of your guests is a top priority. Whether it’s a hotel, a cozy inn, a beautiful B&B, or a rambling resort, you probably have either a pool or a beach (or both) nearby. The weather’s nice outside and your guests want to be sitting by the water in a chaise lounge or a lounge chair. But, nobody likes sitting on a naked lounge chair. That’s why your guests need the best soft plush accessories while they’re enjoying the sun waterside. They need one of our luxurious lounge chair covers.

Buy the Best

Here at Globaltex Fine Linens, we know that there are lounge chair covers that fit the bill and then there are the others. Some companies think that a thin uninviting lounge chair cover is good enough. But, you know that’s not OK for your guests. You value your clientele and want to give them the best and that’s the beautiful lounge chair covers that we sell.

Not Just a Beach Towel

Many owners and operators of hotels, generally believe that a beach towel would work just fine but that’s a big mistake. Just ask their guests and they’ll tell you how much they would prefer a specially-made cover when they’re sunbathing. The difference is a pocket at one end for slipping over the chair back. This keeps the cover in place for superior comfort. Speaking of comfort, our lounge chair covers give your guests the ultimate in comfort because they’re thick, soft, and plush. In addition, they get thicker with every wash.

Additional Features

What other features can you expect with our lounge chair covers? Well, besides our premium 100 percent cotton fabric, our chair covers have beautiful double-stitching, unlike many of the other manufacturer’ products that are just single-stitched. This increases their appearance as well as their durability. Your guests will probably use them mostly for going to the beach and sitting poolside, however, they could also use them on their deck, balcony, or patio. Last but not least, they’re super-absorbent and exceptionally soft for the added comfort of your guests.

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If you don’t have any lounge chair covers currently for your guests, then you should buy some. On the other hand, perhaps you already have some but they’re inferior or maybe even worn out and getting rather thin. Either way, you need some Globaltex Fine Linens lounge chair covers to keep your guests more comfortable and ensure that they keep coming back. For more info about our chair covers as well as all of our premium luxury linens, contact us here.