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Supplier of Lounge Chair Covers in CaribbeanIf you own or operate a Caribbean hotel, resort, or inn, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible at all times. That means not only when they’re in their rooms but also when they head to the pool or the beach. The Caribbean beaches are gorgeous, of course, but having the best in luxurious accessories when they’re enjoying all of that beauty is sure to be on the minds of all of your guests.

The Ultimate in Poolside or Beach Comfort

To be truly comfortable, your guests shouldn’t have to sit on a bare naked lounge chair. Let’s face it, they’re less than comfy on their own. That’s where lounge chair covers come into the picture. You might think that just a beach towel could do the trick but that’s pretty far from the truth. What’s necessary is that pocket flap to slip over the back of the lounge chair so the cover stays put.

Green & Eco-Friendly

Our chair covers are good-sized at 32 inches by 87 inches and have a flap at the top. They’re made without the use of any chemicals. In addition, our plant utilizes reusable energy for the production and the 100 percent organic Turkish cotton is hypoallergenic and dyed naturally, making them the epitome of eco-friendly products. It’s even ringspun to give your guests the ultimate in absorbency and softness.

Other Special Features

In addition to the premium fabric, these popular chair covers are beautifully double-stitched although most of them from other manufacturers are only single-stitched. This makes them not only more attractive but more durable as well. Although they’re used mainly for the beach and poolside, your hotel guests can also use them on the balcony, patio, or deck. Just about anyplace that they might find themselves sitting or lying down and sunbathing in a lounge chair, they could use one of these handy, soft, and absorbent chair covers.

Thicker & 100% Guaranteed

Our chair covers get thicker and softer when they’re washed because the cells expand from the water. In addition, they carry a 100 percent money back guarantee because we stand behind every single product that we make. It’s also a no-questions-asked guarantee, so no matter why you wish to return an item, it’s OK with us. We just want you to be happy with us as your distributor of choice.

Customize Your Lounge Chair Covers

Why not turn your hotel’s chair covers into traveling advertising for your establishment? Ask about customizing your chair covers. You can have your hotel’s name or logo added so that all who see these amazing chair covers will know exactly who you are. Keeping your brand in front of the public can increase your profits exponentially.

Let us become your distributor of these handy chair covers for your resort, hotel, or inn and feel confident that you’re giving your guests the perfect accessory for poolside or heading to the beach. You’re sure to love our wholesale selection with low prices and great customer service. For more information, contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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