The Americas Fastest Growing Companies

Financial Times, known to be one of the most important financial publications in the world, alongside Statista, a research company, created a list that has the goal to recognize the company’s growth over the past year.

As it is well known, last year was incredibly hard for businesses all over the world so to be able to recognize the efforts of different companies, taking into consideration their backgrounds, countries economies and their continuous efforts to stay afloat and grow, is a huge task and we appreciate being able to make the list too.

Globaltex Fine Linens, as a company has managed not only to stay during difficult times, but also to grow slowly but surely and each time closer to the goal of being the best fine linen company for luxury hotels and high-end residences.

Our main purpose has always been to offer the best quality products and services at an affordable price, understanding that luxury is a lifestyle and it starts by the sheets you are using on your bed. Globaltex Fine Linens’ commitment to keep offering the best quality products remains the same and we are beyond excited to have our company recognized in such an important publicatio