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The Importance of Luxury Linens in the Age of InstagramIn a recent issue of Emirates Woman, a magazine dedicated to stylish and lavish lifestyles in the Middle East, an interesting article listed some of the most photogenic hotels in the region. We are talking about hotels such as The Palm Atlantis in Dubai, The Rosewood in Abu Dhabi and The Six Senses in Zighy Bay in Oman.

It so happens that the aforementioned hotels are often featured as popular posts on the Instagram social network. In the case of The Palm Atlantis, its claim to Instagram fame is that Kim Kardashian, the queen of reality television, chose the Royal Bridge Suite when she visited Dubai with a few of her jet-setting girlfriends. As can be expected, Kardashian and her entourage shared quite a few photos of their trip to Dubai, and it seems like they could not get enough of posting images of their luxury suites.

Although there is a lot to admire in the pictures of the hotel rooms presented in the Emirates Woman article, what really caught our attention was the sumptuous linen; after all, we are a manufacturer, supplier and wholesale distributor of very fine linens in the United States. The linen in the Royal Bridge Suite where Kim Kardashian stayed, for example, probably has a four-digit thread count, and it certainly looks like it was made in the region.

Putting Fine Linen in the Picture

One thing we have noticed about hotel room photos shared on Instagram is that they often focus on the linen, and this something that hoteliers know too well. Linen has the power of making a guest experience unforgettable; after all, linen is what really calls attention to the room.

The next time you are checking out your Instagram news feed, pay close attention to the posts shared by people on vacation; if they include pictures of luxury hotel rooms, chances are that they focused on the bed, but only if they were captivated by the linen.

Let’s get back to the luxury hotels in the Emirates; by virtue of being located in the Middle East, a region where the textile industry is serious business, hoteliers know that they have to dazzle guests with linen, particularly in this day and age when effective marketing is just an Instagram post away.

Keeping Linen Worthy of Social Media

As a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of fine linens for the hospitality industry, Globaltex understands the Instagram trend of focusing on luxury linen. The Turkish cotton and fabrics we use at our Denizli factory are often found at the most sumptuous hotels not just in the Middle East but also around the world.

If you want to pamper your hotel guests, you have to start with linen. The feel of the fine fabric as they relax and fall asleep is something that they will not only remember but also share on Instagram. Contact us so that we can discuss fine linen and social media.