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Towels are an everyday necessity that everybody uses regularly. However, you may have many questions about the frequency, number, and type of towels that you should purchase in order to fit your specific needs and usage. Read on to learn more about some tips and tricks about purchasing the right kind and amount of towels to fit your needs. If you’re looking for towels for sale in the Miami area, Globaltex Fine Linens USA is a top provider of wholesale towels. Call Globaltex Fine Linens USA for your towel needs today! 


Guide To Buying And Using Towels


Here are some frequently asked questions about towels regarding their purchase and maintenance!

  • How often should I wash my towels?- Ideally, bath towels should be washed every three uses. When it comes to the subject of how often to wash towels, as opposed to how often we wash sheets, we typically look at it in terms of uses rather than the number of days. This is due to the fact that some people shower more than once a day, whereas plenty of others don’t bathe every day. Of course, three uses are only a guideline, and if you prefer to use a fresh towel every day or don’t have the means or time to replace a towel every three uses, then, by all means, adjust to your own schedule.
  • How many towels does my household need?- With this information, you can also figure out the number of towels that your household probably needs. If you’re looking for new towels right now in large quantities, then check out Globaltex Fine Linens USA, a top provider of wholesale towels! Your towel preference is a personal thing, and you shouldn’t care, for example, if somebody tells you that you have to own 10 bath sheets but you hate bath sheets because you’re a petite person and a bath sheet may simply be too big for you.
  • Why do I need to wash towels? I only use them when I’m clean!- This is a common question that pops up. Of course, you’re clean when you’re coming out of the shower or bath, but when you dry off with your towel you’re transferring onto it two major factors that will dirty them. Firstly, there’s dirty water that will encourage mildew growth, and the more water you introduce, the more likely you are to end up with a mildewy smelling towel. Secondly, there’s all the stuff that comes off your body like dead skin, hair, etc.


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  • Any special towel laundering tips?- Towels, just like gym gear, have certain needs when it comes to washing time:
    • Water temperature doesn’t matter much, but you can use hot or warm water if it makes you feel better.
    • Don’t overdo the detergent! More detergent doesn’t equal more clean!
    • Try to wash towels separate of other fabrics or only with other heavy-duty cotton, since they are heavy and shouldn’t be washed alongside delicate fabrics
    • Don’t overstuff your washing machine!
    • No fabric softener! Towels shouldn’t come out stiff, or it’s time to buy new ones!


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Globaltex Fine Linens USA is a top provider of wholesale towels in the Miami area. If you’re looking for towels for sale, call Globaltex Fine Linens USA today!


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