Turkish Cotton Towel Supplier in Houston

Find the Best Luxury Towels for Your Hotel at Globaltex Fine Linens

Let’s face it, when travelers check into your hotel or resort, they expect you to have the highest-quality towels available hanging in the bath for their use. There’s nothing in the world that feels as good as a soft plush towel after taking a hot bath or shower. Well, unless it’s a Turkish cotton towel and, the fact is that at Globaltex, every single one of our towels is manufactured using only the very finest Turkish cotton. That includes every size from washcloths and hand-towels to bath towels, bath sheets, and bath mats. It also includes poolside and beach towels as well. Our towels are the highest quality available on the market today, from fiber-length to fiber-content.

Optimum Balance

In the wide world of towels, too much absorbency can cause them to stay wet for too long following use. In addition, they have a tendency toward becoming wet all by themselves in humid climates. On the other hand, Turkish cotton gives you the optimum balance between softness and absorbency. This makes it the perfect cotton for manufacturing towels, especially since Turkish cotton towels thicken and soften more with each time that they’re washed.

They’re Green, Too!

No, we don’t mean green in color but super-eco-friendly. Not only are they soft and luxurious but they’re also made without the use of any chemicals, making them both hypoallergenic and all-natural. That certainly doesn’t limit your choices though. You have a wide range of choices, from winter white to stripes or solids in a variety of colors that includes nautical blue, sunny yellow, and even hot pink. They’re also available sculpted or un-sculpted as well as with a choice of borders or no-borders.

How are Turkish Towels Made?

They’re manufactured with premium Turkish cotton that is all-natural with extra-long fibers, which means that they’re more durable and softer than regular towels. It’s farmed in the Aegean eastern Black sea regions of Turkey before undergoing the special dying process before weaving it into towels at our Globaltex Fine Linens plant.

Our Guarantee

Each and every one of our luxurious Turkish cotton towels carry our Globaltex Fine Linens guarantee. It guarantees you a full 100 percent of your money back if you’re not completely satisfied. We want you to love everything that you order from us, so we always make sure that you are.

Get More Satisfied Guests

We want to help you to discover just how much our Turkish cotton towels can help you to have more satisfied guests. When they’re wowed by your supply of luxury towels, you know they’ll be coming back. We know that you’ll love our products, our customer service, and our prices. For additional info about making us your Turkish cotton towel supplier in Houston, contact us now.

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