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To create the ultimate guest experience, operators of luxury hotels pay close attention to certain details that can put them well above the competition. First impressions are certainly important, which is why many hotels invest in their lobbies and review the check-in experience, but even business hotels that mostly cater to overnight guests know that their rooms hold the secret to repeat visits, particularly in terms of quality sleep.

A nice and fluffy bed made with quality linens can make go a long way towards creating memorable guest experiences. In August 2016, a manufacturer of luxury household beds conducted a survey among more 2,060 Americans who have previously stayed in hotels; more than 40% of respondents explained that they actively inquire about mattresses and bedding when they make hotel reservations, and only about a third felt that they slept better in comparison to their own bedrooms at home.

In the aforementioned survey, guests who checked the quality of the sheets prior to checking specifically asked if they were made with pure cotton. More sophisticated guests inquired about thread counts and the origin of the cotton, especially if they were booking reservations at luxury hotels. Guests with sensitive skin also asked about the hypoallergenic properties of the fabric and whether they were naturally dyed. As can be expected, the most often requested color was white because behavioral psychologists have determined that guests associate this color with comfort and cleanliness.

South Florida Luxury Hotels and Resorts

South Florida is home to many luxury hotels and resorts where guests demand nothing but the best in terms of bedding. By providing quality sheets made with 100% organic Turkish cotton, Globaltex USA has been able to build an impressive portfolio of clients that include the most respected hospitality brands in the region: Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Mondrian, Barcelo, and others. Quite a few boutique hotels have also invested in our sheets because they want to provide guest experiences that are as close to a luxury resort as possible.

To sum things up, hoteliers know that investing in bedding is an excellent way to elevate their brands and encourage guests to return. Choosing pure cotton from organic sources is a good start; the next step is to always go with a high thread count and always go with white. You want sustainable cotton proudly spun by Turkish manufacturers who know about the importance of soft and absorbent sheets. Cool to the touch and comfortable to snuggle are crucial when making hotel guests happy; you certainly do not want synthetic fabrics that seem to radiate as they trap body heat.

Now that you know about the types of sheets that hoteliers choose for their guests, you can browse the Globaltex catalog and learn even more about luxurious bed linens. Feel free to contact us with any questions about linens, amenities and business opportunities.

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