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Which thread count bed sheet should I buyYou’ve undoubtedly heard plenty of times about the thread count of sheets but, just in case you’re still not sure what that’s all about, here’s some basic info that could help. First of all, the thread count is referring to the number of both vertical (the warp) and horizontal (the weft) threads per square inch. In general, that means the higher the thread count is, the softer the sheets will be. In addition, higher thread count sheets are expected to wear better and even become softer over time. A good set of sheets ranges somewhere between 200 and 800 thread count but sometimes you’ll see sheets with thread counts of over 1,000. For many years now, it has been a popular method for determining the quality of any fabric that is used in bedding products like sheets.

Don’t Be Fooled By High Thread Counts

That doesn’t mean, however, that you should be fooled by super-high thread counts since it may not necessarily be the softest option. A good general rule of thumb is not to purchase cotton bed sheets that have a thread count that’s less than 200 nor more than 800 as reported in the Huffington Post. Here at Globaltex Fine Linens, our beautiful high-quality sheets may vary in thread count but are always made from the finest imported Turkish cotton. You can always count on them to be the softest most durable sheets on the market today and absolutely perfect for your hotel. Comfort is important to your guests, so of course, it’s even more important to you if you want to keep them coming back.

Get the Best Sheets Available

Whether you own or run an already long-established business in the world of hospitality, then your bed sheets quite possibly have seen better days. Maybe it’s simply time to start replacing those time-worn bed sheets with some soft pretty new ones from Globaltex Fine Linens. Why choose us? Well, because we’re the linen company that you can trust to carry the finest bed sheets and other linens that can make your hotel, motel, resort, inn, or B&B shine way above the rest.

Everything For Start-Ups, Too!

On the other hand, maybe you’re just now getting your hospitality business up-and-running. That means that you’re going to need practically everything in the linen department and especially fine luxurious bed sheets. Your best bet is letting us assist you with the often daunting task of getting started on the right foot with the finest linens available anywhere worldwide and especially in Miami. For more information about our soft luxurious bed sheets and other accessories, contact us here.