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Something as simple as your towels could be destroying the environment! While you might not give little choices like towel fabric much thought, this should be a serious consideration.

Over the years, managers have slowly migrated away from natural fabrics and have instead elected to use synthetic ones. The problem is that many synthetics are made from petroleum-based chemicals and other substances that aren’t exactly organic.

Fortunately, the trend is starting to shift in a different direction and you have an opportunity to be a trendsetter while still getting your name out there by opting to get huge lots of custom branded bath towels made from Turkish cotton.

The Advantages of Turkish Fabric

Turkish cotton is extremely soft, which is why it’s become such a popular fabric among those who demand big plush towels. All of our hotel pool towels are made from genuine Turkish cotton that’s certified in terms of its endurance as well as it’s pure natural sheen.

If you need towels for a beach or swimming pool, then ours come in solid colors. This should prove ideal for those who prefer a trendy retro flair.

Managers who want to show off their unique taste should definitely take a look at these classic towels. The addition of your hotel’s name on it will help to remind your guests of the high-quality service that they received each time they look at it.

Others need towels that actually go into rooms, which necessitates a different design. You have plenty of choices when it comes to customizing these through the Globaltex Fine Linens.

Custom Hotel Room Towels

Hotel managers often deal with two challenges that can be solved by custom towels. One is a lack of the ability for consumers to remember the facilities that hosted them. The other is that odd ability for towels to grow feet and walk away when guests stay in a room overnight.

Branding on each towel will help ensure that people realize it’s the property of the hotel that they’re staying at and therefore deserves a level of respect. Likewise, it can help customers to associate your brand image with the towel itself and recall where they were staying the whole time. That increases the chances of repeat business.

An air of uniqueness also gets added to your presentation through the use of these custom towels. Anyone in the hospitality industry could use blank linens. Only your facilities will be using exclusive pieces that feature your resort’s name on them specifically.

Acquiring an Entire Custom Line

Keep in mind that Globaltex Fine Linens offers a full selection of custom branded robes as well as various types of rugs and bath mats. These are all needed to keep your resort or hotel running smoothly. If you make sure to stock up now, then you won’t have to worry about any pieces not matching. You can get an entire set all at once that will really add a flavor of luxury no matter what kind of business you manage. Contact us as soon as you’re ready to learn more about all the benefits of custom branded bath towels.

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