Wholesale Hand Towels for Hotels

Wholesale Hand Towels

A hallmark of a quality hotel is the type of towels found in the bathrooms. While you’ll want to include towels that guests can use at the pool or when they dry off after taking a shower, you should consider adding a few hand towels too. These are smaller towels that you can place on the vanity next to the sink and hangers placed in the bathroom. When guests need to quickly wash and dry their hands, they can grab one of those towels rather than reaching for a larger one. If you need good hand towels for any hotel or spa at low prices, turn to GLOBALTEX Fine Linens.

What are Hand Towels?

Commonly called guest towels when used in homes, hand towels are essentially small towels designed for guests. These towels are around the same size as those you keep in the kitchen for mopping up spills and handling hot pans and dishes. They are just the right size for wiping off your hands when you wash up in the sink, but they are also great for washing and drying your face. Though hotel guests need large towels, they also look for small towels when they check into their rooms.

Sunset and Other Collections

When you buy wholesale hand towels from us, you have the choice of purchasing products from our three different lines. Our luxury collection of hand towels includes towels that have a thick border around the edge. They match back to the bath towels from this line too. The Sunset Collection includes towels in a soft white color that give hotel rooms a more expensive look. You can also pick hand towels from our Sofya Collection, which matches the bath towels and washcloths from this same line. No matter which collection you choose, you can get all the towels that your guests need.

Benefits of Our Towels

Purchasing wholesale hand towels from GLOBALTEX Fine Linens can save you more money than you ever believed. We offer the low prices that new hotels need when they first start out and that older hotels can take advantage of later. As our hand towels can last through hundreds of uses, you won’t need to replace them as often as you do other types of towels. Many hotels and spas turn to us for their hand towels because of how soft the towels become over time. The more you wash your towels after guests check out, the softer and more luxurious they will become.

Choose Us for Your Hotel Towels

At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer all the towels and other products that your hotel needs. You can pick from bath towels for the bathroom and larger towels that guests can use at the pool. Not only do we offer the classic white towels that guests expect to see in their rooms, but we offer striped towels that use white and another color to create a fun look. You’ll also find robes that guests can use in their rooms and bags and other products that they will love. To learn more about GLOBALTEX Fine Linens wholesale hand towels, contact our office today.

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