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The hospitality industry is filled with secrets to making the guest experience truly enjoyable and unforgettable; these secrets are the key to not only guarantee return visits but also to elicit positive comments on online reviewing platforms such as Yelp and social networks such as Facebook. In recent years, some of these secrets have been revealed through by various websites that answer questions from curious readers, and some of these questions have to do with linen.

The Secret of White Sheets

When it comes to bedding, modern hoteliers tend to choose colors and designs that reflect the interior design of the rooms and the overall ambiance of the hotel. Some hotels in luxury Caribbean resorts, for example, choose light blue bed covers that remind guests of their experiences on the beach; this is a particularly nice touch in the rooms that have windows and balconies facing the ocean. A similar idea can be found in the wine-red bedspreads used found in hotels in the Bordeaux region of France.

Although the bedspreads and blankets may be of several colors, the choice of white sheets is widespread in the hospitality industry, and the reason for this has been explained in the reality television show Jet Set, which is broadcast on the Bravo cable network. This standard was set by the Westin in the 1990s, the psychological rationale behind the decision to always use white sheets is that many guests associate sheets of dark colors as being used to conceal stains; hotel guests would rather sleep on crisp white sheets that have nothing to hide. Besides, the Westin interior design departments noted that white sheets also evoke thoughts of renovations and luxury.

The Secret of Luxury Linens

At Globaltex in Miami, we happen to know another secret of interest to the hospitality industry. Our company is a wholesale distributor of luxury linens, and our products can be found at the most sumptuous hotels in Miami and across South Florida such as; the Ritz-Carlton, the Mondrian on South Beach, the Colony, the Hyde Beach Resort, the Continuum, and others. The secret we know is that luxury linen is one of the strongest factors of positive guest experiences, and this is often reflected in reviews posted to Yelp and Trip Advisor as well as in social media comments and photos shared on Instagram.

Most guests are not familiar with luxury linen brands and are not particularly interested in that topic; however, they know when linen looks and feels great. Guests who stay at luxury and boutique hotels are not going to check if the bedding was designed by Ralph Lauren, but they are certainly going to notice if it is made of quality cotton that they can enjoy as they snuggle in for the night.

Here’s another secret we share with all our clients in the hospitality industry: whether you are located in Miami or anywhere else in the United States, the best deal you can get in terms of luxury linen is from a wholesale distributor that is also a manufacturer, and that happens to be us. At Globaltex, we operate our very own factory in Turkey, and this allows us to offer very competitive prices.

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