Wholesale Linens and Towels for Spas

Wholesale Linens and Towels for Spas

When most people think of the top places to relax, they immediately think of spas. The top spas offer beauty treatments that can help them look their best as well as massages and other therapeutic treatments that can help them feel better too. Whether you run or own a spa, you need to make sure that you have the best amenities for your clients. You can get the best linens and towels for spas at wholesale prices from Globaltex Fine Linens.


No matter how confident your clients are, they might not feel quite as confident when laying on a bed and waiting for a massage artist. When you give them soft towels, they can feel more comfortable and confident as they wait for their appointments. We offer towels that are absorbent and retain their softness through dozens of washes. You can pick traditional white towels that work with the elegant and upscale look of your spa or opt for something more colorful. We also offer matching bath mats and rugs.

Bedding and Linens

Some spas need bedding and linens too, especially those attached to a hotel or resort. Most of the bedding and linens that we offer use real Turkish cotton to give your clients the luxurious softness that they expect from top spas. You can even opt for linens that workers use to cover beds before massages and sheets that clients can drape over their bodies. As with our towels, we let you pick from various colors too. We even have soft blankets that clients can take with them back to their rooms. All the linens that we offer work together to give guests the luxury that they expect from a spa and the convenience that your workers need.

Slippers and Robes

Some of the more popular products that we offer for spas include slippers and robes. If you ever visited a spa before, you know that you need a good pair of slippers to wear as you walk around. Our slippers have a one size fits all design and a waffle pattern on the top to keep clients’ feet warm. The slippers also have an anti-slip sole that helps clients walk across tile and other surfaces with ease. Clients who wear up to an American size 11 shoe can fit in our slippers.

Globaltex Is A One-Stop Shop for Spa Linens and Towels

We also offer two types of robes that match the look of our towels and linens. Our micro terry robes are incredibly soft and come in an extra-large size that will fit almost anyone. These robes dry quickly and are great for clients who want to take a quick shower before they leave. We also have waffle robes that match the design of our slippers.

Don’t forget to contact Globaltex Fine Linens if you wish to customize your linens with your spa’s logo or with the names of VIP clients. All this and more is our pleasure to bring to you. See how else our linens, towels and other products will benefit your spa.

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