Wholesale Microfiber Pillows for Hotels

When you want to escape all the stress at home, you probably look forward to taking a vacation. The way you feel about that trip can change when you see what is waiting for you in your room. Guests today look at both the bed linens and the pillows because they want to make sure that the beds are comfortable and free of bed bugs and other pests. As you look for pillows that ill welcome guests to your hotel rooms, you can work with GLOBALTEX Fine Linens to choose the best hotel microfiber pillows and get those pillows at low prices.

Wholesale Bed Pillows

The most common type of pillow you need is an ordinary bed pillow. These are the pillows that guests rest their heads on when they lay down at night and the ones that they place against the headboard when watching television. Microfiber pillows have a few good benefits for hotel owners. The most important is that they let guests feel comfortable. The material feels so soft and smooth that they’ll love jumping in bed. Microfiber can also mold to the shape of their heads but return to the original design before the next guests arrive. You’ll also like that you can easily clean these pillows when guests check out to keep rooms sanitary and clean for future guests.

Microfiber Throw Pillows

Another type of microfiber pillow that you can use in a hotel room is a throw pillow. The name comes from how well the pillows keep their shape as you throw them on the bed. They come in different sizes, but most hotels choose smaller sizes that serve as accent pieces on the bed. Not only can you choose throw pillows in the same color as the bed pillows, but you can pick complementary pillows that work with the look and design of the bed. We also recommend thinking about microfiber fiber pillows in a contrasting shade to create a more dramatic look.

Sheets and Blankets for Hotels

As great as microfiber pillows are, you can’t expect to throw a few on the bed and be done. Guests also want sheets, blankets and other linens that feel just as comfortable. Here at GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer bedding for all types of hotels. You can choose flat sheets with a micro-check design that feels just as soft as microfiber and cases and covers that protect the mattress, pillows, and comforters. There are also fun blankets that can add a crisp and polished look to your room, including those in soft shades of blue and pink and those with cute designs of reindeer.

Order Wholesale Microfiber Pillows for Hotels Today

You’re only minutes away from placing an order on our site for the wholesale microfiber pillows that your hotel needs. Use the site to browse our product line and get an idea of some of the best choices for those rooms. If you have any questions about our product line or need help choosing microfiber pillows, you can reach out to our office. Contact us online to speak with us directly about wholesale microfiber pillows for your hotel.

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