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Following a brief absence in the early years of the 21st century, table linens have made a strong comeback in restaurants, bistros, cafes, and hotels across the United States. Restaurant owners and managers took a chance on bare table surfaces because of advancements in the manufacturing of laminate materials and engineered stone, but by 2005 they reconsidered the use of tablecloths, runners and napkins in their dining spaces.

Another reason table linens were absent from eateries for a few years can be traced to the California restaurant design trend, which generally features bare dining surfaces, but the timeless appeal of tablecloths won in the end. Unless you operate a fast-food franchise, you really want tablecloths in your establishment because there is a certain perception among diners who believe that table linens translate into a better restaurant experience.

Tablecloths and napkins set the mood for dining experiences; they not only look great but also help to absorb noise in crowded spaces. When you have parties waiting to be seated, the sight of wait staff checking the cleanliness of tablecloths and changing them as needed is something that patrons truly appreciate. The design choice is yours; many restaurant owners are going back to red and white checkered cloths because they are ideal for eateries serving dishes with a home-cooked flavor. Pastel colors are trending in 2019, and the same goes for darker colors with fine patterns.

Since dining is an activity that engages all the senses, you will want cotton table linens, and you may also want customized designs. At Globaltex USA, we can help you create the table linens that are right for your restaurant. Our wholesale clients include luxury resorts and upscale hotels in South Florida; we not only provide them with linens for their suites but also with cloths and napkins for their dining areas. Needless to say, our clients also include banquet halls and convention spaces.

We are proud to offer our table linen clients the same quality that our hotel linens clients have enjoyed for years; our products are lovingly made in Turkey with organic cotton grown in the Aegean city of Denizli, one of the most important textile centers in the world. Our linen designers know that fabric quality is everything when it comes to table linens. Think about the feeling your patrons get when they use soft napkins made with pure cotton; this is a feeling that can never be replicated with paper or synthetic blends.

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When looking for a wholesale table linens distributor in the Houston or South Florida regions, you will want to deal with a partner that can offer flexibility in terms of design, pricing and order quantity. At Globaltex, we believe in the Turkish business tradition of negotiating every deal; this is how we have been able to build an impressive portfolio of clients.

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