Wholesale Table Linens for Hotels

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When you open a hotel, you might focus more on the rooms and the lobby than on the other spaces that are open to guests. Whether you have a restaurant that is open to guests and others or a conference space that people can rent, you need to invest in some table linens too. You can pick from different colors to create the right atmosphere and select colors that work for different events, including wedding receptions and birthday parties. At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer wholesale prices on hotel table linens of all types. You just need to decide what types of linens your hotel needs.

  • Tablecloths

The most common type of linens available for hotels is tablecloths. These are large pieces of fabric designed to drape over the top of the table. The cloths have stitching across the bottom that keeps the fabric from unraveling. You can choose from those designed for square and rectangular tables as well as round tables. The tablecloths also come in various colors such as white and cream that are perfect for weddings and bright colors that work for other types of celebrations. You can also select from different sizes to fit your tables.

  • Table Runners

Many wedding receptions feature a large buffet that allows guests to fill their plates as they move through a line. The chafing dishes and other equipment that sits on the table can sit on top of a tablecloth or a runner placed over that cloth. Table runners are generally long and thin pieces of fabric that cover the cloth and keep the hot equipment from burning or scorching the fabric. You can choose from table runners in shades that complement and work with the colors of the cloths.

  • Chair Covers

Though not necessarily designed for use on tables, chair covers will work with your table linens and help you save money. Let’s say that you host celebrations and events that range in size from a dozen guests to more than 100 guests. You can’t always afford to purchase multiple types of chairs that you can keep on hand for all those events, but you can get some basic metal chairs. With chair covers, you can dramatically change the look of those chairs and make them fit with the design and type of event. Guests will often pay extra for those covers too.

  • Napkins

The napkins that you place on tables can create an expensive and upscale look or make the tables look cheap, which can leave a bad impression in the minds of guests. Paper napkins might save you money but can leave guests choosing other hotels for their upcoming events. We recommend choosing cloth napkins in a color that works with your table coverings and other linens. While white is a classic color, it can pick up stains. You may find that you prefer cream or ivory napkins and those in other colors. There are also placements that you can use in the same color.

  • Table Skirts

Another product you might consider is a table skirt. While a table covering can hang down over the edges of the table, it won’t completely conceal the base and bottom. Guests can still see the legs and anything you might store under the tables. Table skirts come in sizes and designs to fit the long tables in a conference room and the round tables in an event center. They typically have an elastic band around the top that keeps them from slipping off the table. When you choose the right covers, you can hide this band.

Get Help from GLOBALTEX Fine Linens

At GLOBALTEX Fine Linens, we offer custom products that allow you to add a special touch to all your hotel linens. We can embroider the name of your hotel and any other information that you want to add, including your address or logo.

Embroidery adds a nice touch to some of our items such as terrycloth bags that guests can fill with their items before heading to the beach and the headrests on your lounge chairs on the beach. We can add embroidery to the bin bags that cleaner use to transport dirty laundry and bed linens too.

You’ll also find other hotel supplies and linens, including robes and slippers as well as sheets and blankets. Whether you live in Florida, Texas or any other state, you can contact us online or call one of our offices to learn more about wholesale hotel linens.

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