Wholesale Towel Supplier in Florida

Wholesale Towel Supplier in Florida

Wholesale Towel Supplier in FloridaWhen top quality hotels, inns, and B&Bs need the best in wholesale towels, they turn to us. At Globaltex Fine Linens in Miami, we’re proud of our towels and all of our other fine linens as well. Why? Because we make the very best in luxury spa quality linens and that goes double for our towels. You can also rest assured that they’re specially made to enhance the overall comfort and satisfaction of your guests. When you stock lots of luxury bath towels, you get lots of satisfied customers. Even better, buying from us means excellent wholesale prices, too.

Enhance Your Reputation

When you give your guests the very best in luxurious spa-like towels, it also elevates your hotel’s reputation. After all, people are going to talk to each other. It’s just human nature. That’s why you want to make sure that everything they’re saying about your establishment is complimentary. When you buy your wholesale towels from the best, you’ll end up getting the best in complimentary comments. That means more business and more profits for your hotel.

Towels, Towels, Towels

The top quality of our luxury bath towels isn’t the only great thing about them either. The selection of colors and styles is excellent as well. Best of all, each and every one of them is not only soft and elegant but also super-absorbent. The available colors range from pure white to popular pastels, as well as black and white. We also offer sculptured pile towels in a variety of sizes.

Love Those Colors

If you’re an innkeeper who prefers colored towels in your guest rooms instead of white, we’ve got plenty of those. Perhaps you would like sky blue or soft grey towels. We have them available in both plain or with custom writing, so you can add your logo or hotel name. If you have a seaside establishment, how about towels and washcloths adorned with fish? We offer them in navy blue, burgundy, and white. In addition, you could choose some colorful trendy stripes of green, yellow, red, turquoise, or blue. If pastels are your hue of choice, we have solids in lavender, pink, salmon, or blue.

Give Your Guests What They Want

When your hotel guests check into your establishment, they just naturally expect the very best in comfort and luxury. What they definitely are not expecting are old ugly thin worn-out towels. You want them to keep coming back. Right? That’s why you never want to disappoint them. Replacing your towels with the very best quality Globaltex towels is the key to keeping them happy. For more information about all of the soft luxurious towels that we offer, contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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