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As we enter the summer months, many people are wondering what will become of their favorite summer destination spots because of COVID-19. Miami is very well known for its beaches, but is it safe to visit them? Globaltex Fine Linens USA is a top seller of wholesale beach towels as well as other wholesale towels, and as such, the answer to this question is very important to us. We want our customers to be safe, which is why we have felt obligated to look into this matter. Now after thorough research we believe we have found the answer. 


Is The Beach Safe?

Regardless of the beaches opening in Florida, COVID-19 is still a real concern when visiting any public location. That said, if you follow the following advice, you should be relatively safe:

  • Don’t Travel Extensively 
    • If you live in Miami, only visit Miami beaches. Now is not the time to fly or drive to make a trip to Daytona or other distant beaches. The farther you travel, the more chances you have of contracting something or unknowingly spreading something. If you’re going to visit a beach, go to one within a short driving distance of you that you can visit without having to make other stops. 
  • Social Distance
    • Like any other public place, you should continue to enforce public distancing of at least six feet. You should also wear a mask and avoid areas where you can not keep six feet away or that are overly crowded. As unfortunate as it is, if you see that your beach is incredibly packed, you should really consider visiting another day.
  •  Keep Your Trip Brief
    • In order to keep the beaches as least crowded as possible, try and keep your trip as brief as possible. While lounging on the beach for hours on end might be one of your favorite pastimes, if you make the sacrifice of cutting it down to only an hour or a half-hour now, you’ll be helping things get back to normal much quicker in the long run.
  • Follow The Guidelines
    • Besides these general tips, each state, county, and even specific beaches may have different guidelines posted on how to best stay safe and to keep others safe. Respect these guidelines. If your beach says masks are mandatory or are asking you to avoid certain activities, please abide. 


The Best Wholesale Towels

If you decide you want to enjoy the beach, you’re going to need a beach towel, and lucky for you, Globaltex Fine Linens USA has the best wholesale beach towels for sale in all of Florida. Each of our towels is made out of 100% Turkish cotton. What this means is that every time they get washed they become softer and thicker. Our towels are also green and eco-friendly as they are produced without any chemicals and have reusable energies used in their production. They’re also naturally dyed and hypoallergenic. This makes them perfect for you and your family.


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If you act responsibly, COVID-19 doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying a summer vacation. If you need wholesale towels in Miami Beach, call or visit our website today.


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