Hotel Simulation Suite Unveiled At Wolfson Campus

Wolfson Campus has opened a new hotel simulation package this term.

Hands-on Education: Since opening in October, the new hotel simulation suite on the Wolfson Campus has helped students learn about accommodation services such as housekeeping, customer service, and event management.

Hotel Simulation Package Introduced on Wolfson Campus

Located in room 6400, the facility has four stations: the simulation hotel room, restroom, reception area and banquet service area. Each section of the suite is separated by noise-restricting panels that allow three classes to be taught simultaneously.

The project was made possible by more than $1 million in donations from the Wolfson Foundation.

The mock hotel room features two double queen beds with nightstands, closets, and carpeted areas. Ramazan Patak, who received an associate degree in accommodation management from Wolfson Campus in 2012, donated sheets for the venue.

The facility is used to provide courses in dining room service, housekeeping, and food and beverage management to hospitality and culinary students through hands-on training.

Thank you Shelly Smith Fano and Miami Dade College for their contributions to the South Florida hospitality world! Globaltex Fine Linens will continue to partner with this great program!

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