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Globaltex Fine Linens USA Offers High-Quality Wholesale Linens

Globaltex Fine Linens is a linens wholesaler based in Miami that offers some of the best linen products throughout the country. Are you looking exclusively for retail linens instead of wholesale? We offer that too. When it comes to finding high-quality linens for all of your needs, we are the company you should consider. Our products are 100% organic Turkish cotton, so you’ll receive the maximum luxury and comfort with our product line.

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Our Collections.

Bath Mat & Rugs

Bath mats and rugs require two main factors: comfort and absorbency. Our mats feature both, giving you cloud-like soften to step on after a shower and helping you to dry your feet.


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day, meaning maximum comfort in your bedding can help you get the best rest and set you up for a successful day. Check out our collection.

Bathrobe and Slipper Collection

Dry off in comfort and style with our elegant and soft bathrobes and slippers. Consider these options so you can leave the towel skirt behind.

Blankets and Throw Pillows

Decorate your seating areas and bedding with luxury throw blankets and pillows that each offer elegant styles and softness. Get the best style and comfort on your couch or when lounging on your bed.

Beach and Pool Towels

Next time you leave for the beach or the pool, travel with one of our luxurious beach and pool towels that feature maximum comfort, and are highly absorbent. Dry off more efficiently after a refreshing dip, or lie out and enjoy the sun on your comfortable towels.

Luxury Terry Pool & Beach Collection

When you’re traveling out to the beach or the pool, you can carry your belongings in one of these soft and stylish linen totes. They’ll also help absorb any excess water that finds its way into your bag.

Pillows and Comforters

Try our microfiber and down alternative pillows and comforters. Get all the softness and gentleness of feathers while staying hypoallergenic and pet friendly. That’s not to mention the lack of feather cleanup you would be performing to maintain ordinary down pillows.

Room Collection Towels

A collection of room towels gives you a beautiful set of towels that can be used for multiple situations. Have your bath towel match your hand towel with this elegant set.

Spa Collection

Do you own a spa or want to recreate the experience of luxurious spa towels? Consider our spa towel collection for the perfect soft, gentle touch. Don’t get too comfortable, though, or you might just forget that you’re still at home.


In light of recent events, we are proud to now offer linen face masks that will help limit the spread of pathogens and is machine washable. Face masks help keep others safe from your coughs, and if we all work together and wear them, we can fight the spread of dangerous viruses.

Custom Slippers

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New Arrivals

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Blanket & Throw

Check Out Our Reviews

Not sure whether or not Globaltex Fine Linens, USA is right for you? Sometimes the best way to learn more about whether or not a business is the right choice for you is through what their clientele has said about their business. Check out what these other people and businesses had to say about our products and service:

When I go to a Hotel, I look at two things first. Cleanliness and the towels. A Hotel has to be clean and the towels that are touching my skin should be first quality. I want them soft, strong and water absorbing. GlobalTex is supplying just the better ones.
Here is a company with fast service and the best quality products for service industry.
Friends of mine running companies, are telling me that they couldn’t believe the speed of service even for a small order.
In service industry the product quality and availability are paramount. GlobalTex is offering both even on ‘non-business’ days.
When I go to a Hotel, I look at two things first. Cleanliness and the towels. A Hotel has to be clean and the towels that are touching my skin should be first quality. I want them soft, strong and water absorbing. GlobalTex is supplying just the better ones.

Yes, you can shop Online.
Highly recommend this company.”
-Alper Behar

“This is an incredible company! I am in the hotel industry and I have used every product possible from Globaltex. I can certanly tell you the quality I offer to my hotel’s guest matters, that is the reason why I trust Globaltex linen,towels, bed sheets, bathroom amenity products etc”
-Luis Quintero

I highly recommend Globaltex linens. The quality artwork is aesthetically pleasing and the fabric so soft it gives that warm and cozy feeling. The durability of the product is superb even after several washes it looks and feels as if I had just purchased it. Fast delivery. Guarantee satisfaction with its unique designs and outstanding customer service you can rest assure you will not be disappointed.”

Wanting to wrap my family and guests in the finest Turkish linens and towels I searched for months to find what I felt was the Premier provider.
I wanted to find both extreme quality and value for that quality. After finding Globaltex I ordered 12 bath towels for my home. I was more than thrilled with the size, luxury feel, especially after 3-4 washings and the absorbency. My wife went nuts over the luxuriousness of these towels.
Being thrilled I decided to order 12 towels for our pool and chose a blue multi stripe larger towel and wow, do they show well. They are basically luxury bath towels in the style of a spa towel.
Being even more impressed I contacted them directly at their US HQ in Miami and asked them about the pool lounge chair covers that they show on their Instagram page. I was ecstatic to find that they would make the decision to make 8 of them for me not only to fit my lounge chairs but embroidered with my initial and oak leaf!
I figured what the heck and acquired a full king sheet set as well. It showed up and weighed a significant amount which was the first sign of the quality of the linen. Sooooo nice to sleep in and as crisp as can be. The bed looks like a high end luxury resort bed.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the quality, customer service, and attention to detail from Globaltex Fine Linens, I need to work on the bath robes next.”
-Scott Kuhn

“Great quality products. We have been doing business with Globaltex for over 4 years, very happy with their service and products. We even call them on the weekends and they do delivery.”
-Babylon Restaurant

All About Our Wholesale Linens

Here at Globaltex Fine Linens, USA, we offer the best quality in 100% organic Turkish cotton. Let us break this down to show you all the benefits you’ll receive from choosing our products. First of all, is the location. Our cotton is imported from our factory located in Denizli, Turkey, the textile mainland of the country, and the world. Turkish cotton is notable for being soft and gentle like Egyptian cotton but is even more absorbent and even gets softer with consecutive washes. This is because the water from the wash soaks into the fibers, causing them to thicken and gain more softness.

Organic cotton is also notable for being softer than regular cotton as the material isn’t treated with harsh chemicals that can strip it of some of its fibers. It’s also more environmentally friendly, again because it doesn’t utilize any harsh chemicals that would then run off into the local water supplies. A major part of our goal is to help make luxury accessible. We believe everyone deserves the luxury of 100% organic Turkish cotton, so you can bet we will offer reasonable prices to help you receive luxury at a better deal.

Read Our Blog

Do you have more questions regarding 100% organic Turkish cotton?
Looking to read up on the hospitality industry’s trends for linens and bedding? At Globaltex Fine Linens, USA, we update our website with blogs filled with all the latest information on linens and the wholesale industry. Learn more about the benefits of buying wholesale linens, the process behind wholesale products, where our luxurious cotton comes from, the difference in various linen materials, and more through our blogs. Check back on our site from time to time as our list of blogs increases regularly or leave a bookmark so that you’ll be able to check back for our latest updates.

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Are you interested in shopping for wholesale linens? Perhaps you’re looking for retail products? Regardless, you can contact the Globaltex Fine Linens USA Miami location online now to examine in more detail our wide selection of linen products. No matter if you’re looking for bedding, towels, bathrobes, slippers, sheets, pillows, throw blankets, or the like, our selection can cover your needs. We only offer the best quality products at the most reasonable rates to ensure you have the best access to the greatest luxury linens. Order your 100% organic Turkish cotton linens today.

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