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A Great Start for Every Sleep

Our blankets, which warm you on cold nights and crown your sleep, are made of 100% organic cotton and gently touch your skin. With its soft and breathable structure,
it never makes you sweat and offers a comfortable sleep experience in all seasons.

Silky Touches

Our favorite product!
Silky soft and flawlessly textured, our cotton blanket is knitted with a luxurious touch.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Top quality organic cotton! Woven with the strongest and finest cottons, our blanket offers the softest and smoothest feel.

For Your Comfort

Your comfort is at the forefront! Offering comfort, this product is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to fall asleep.


Our OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and Cotton USA certified fabric is tested for harmful substances according to strict global criteria.

A Warm Touch, Peaceful Sleep

Our blankets, the secret of indispensable, peaceful sleep, envelop you with their soft texture. Soft and breathable cotton fibers gently touch your skin while offering a warming comfort.

It is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable sleep regardless of the seasons. Thanks to the natural thermoregulation feature of cotton, it provides a cool sleep experience in summer and a warm sleep experience in winter.

Nature and Skin Friendly

Natural and Breathable Luxury: Made from 100% cotton, this blanket is soft against your skin and breathable to prevent perspiration. It provides a natural cooling sensation that allows you to sleep comfortably even on hot summer nights.

Balance of Lightness and Warmth: Despite its thin and lightweight structure, cotton fibers gently regulate your body temperature, providing a comfortable sleep experience in all seasons of the year. While it keeps you warm on cold winter nights, it acts as a light cover in summer without overwhelming you.

Elegant Touch, Peaceful Comfort: It gently envelops you with its soft and fluffy texture. It helps you relieve the tiredness of the day and fall into a deep sleep. The elegant texture of the blanket gives your bedroom a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Easy Care, Long Life: Thanks to its 100% cotton structure, it can be easily washed and ironed. With regular care, it becomes a reliable sleeping companion that keeps its form and accompanies you for years.

100% Turkish Cotton

Washable and ironable 100% Turkish Cotton Blanket keeps its softness and comfort for many years. Thanks to its easy care, it saves you time and allows you to enjoy your blanket for a long time.

100% Turkish Cotton Blanket offers you an enveloping warmth and never overwhelms you with its light weight. Easily foldable and practical to carry, the blanket allows you to always find comfort with you.