6 Turkish Cotton Throw Blankets

On a chilly day, nothing beats curling up on the couch with a comfy blanket. You can sit and watch the world go by with a cup of coffee or stay warm as you watch TV or enjoy a good book. At Globaltex Fine Linens, we want guests to feel as comfortable as your resort as you do at home. That is why we offer throw blankets made from Turkish cotton that feels soft and soothing. Our blankets even come in different sizes that are suitable for use in any room.

1. Pink Throw Blanket

One of the blankets we highly recommend for upscale hotels and resorts is the pink throw blanket. The soft pink color is feminine and will appeal to many of your female guests. Knots around the sides of the blanket keep the fabric from fraying and helps it last longer.

2. Indigo and Cream Blanket

If you want something that is traditional but still looks a little unique, consider our indigo and cream blankets. Those two colors are soft and soothing. They work together to create a neutral look that will pair well with most room designs too.

3. Reindeer Blanket

Do you have a resort that welcomes guests during the holidays? While some people love the idea of being away from their homes during the busy holiday season, others want some reminders of home. This blanket has a great look that they will love that will also remind them of home.

4. Mint Green Blanket

Our mint green blankets can fit with a variety of room types. It uses lighter colors that catch the eye and make guests want to wrap one around their shoulders as they relax in your resort. These blankets are great for all the things that your guests want to do in their rooms too.

5. Honey Comb Blanket

Another fun option for hotel owners and managers is our honeycomb blanket. It has a waffle weave pattern that resists dirt and makes the blanket easy to clean. You can get this blanket in both king and queen sizes to fit the beds and furniture in your hotel rooms.

6. Scotch Acrylic Blanket

If you want to save money on hotel blankets, take a look at our acrylic range. Our Scotch Acrylic Blanket has a fun plaid pattern that might remind guests of their favorite flannel shirts. These blankets are easy to clean too.

Turkish Cotton Blankets

Some of the benefits of our 100% Turkish cotton blankets include that they are easy to clean and can last for years in the busiest of hotels. Imported from our factory located in Denizli, Turkey, the textile mainland of the country, and the world, we have BSCI certificates and Gotse OKOTEX certifications of excellence.

You can shop our wide range of blankets and other products to find the perfect accents for your rooms, including toiletries and towels. Use our website to see all the products we offer and then contact us here at Globaltex Fine Linens.

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