3 Ways to Make your Bed and Breakfast Look more Luxurious

Jun 25, 2023

There are plenty of reasons why guests love to stay with you at your bed and breakfast. Sure, it could be your yummy home-cooking or your truly relaxing ambiance. Or, maybe it’s the amazing amenities and your oh-so-gracious hospitality. However, that one all-important thing that guests really love is a comfy guest room where they know they’ll be feeling both at-home and seriously pampered.

Luxurious Improvements

How can you ensure that they feel that way though? If perhaps you’re considering some improvements to your B&B aimed at making it more luxurious for your guests, then there are a number of highly popular trends in bedroom décor that just might be worth thinking about, including:

  • Go With Green

In your quest for more luxurious guest rooms, try some paint. The hottest hue this year is green in any and all shades. Whether you choose light shades like sage or lime or something darker like forest green, a brand new coat of lovely green paint could really be just the thing for sprucing up drab guest rooms. It's also well-known as a color for soothing frazzled travelers. Be sure you use paint that is environmentally safe and won’t introduce any chemicals or toxins into your B&B environment. In addition, you could paint the whole room one color or paint one wall a darker or lighter shade. Why not try a contrasting shade? You also don’t need to paint the entire room since one very popular trend right now a statement wall. So, whether it's soothing green or some other favorite color, just be creative!

  • Go With New Linens

This is another option that is less messy and a lot less time-consuming but delivers that full reno impact. It's brand new linens for your B&B guest rooms. You don't want just any linens though. You want the best linens available and we've got them for you at affordable wholesale prices. Yes, here at Globaltex Fine Linens, we've got it all when it comes to dressing up your guest rooms with new stuff. Here's what we carry:

  1. Bath, hand, and beach towels
  2. Blankets in both cotton and bamboo
  3. Bathrobes that are soft and fluffy
  4. Beach bags made of luxurious terry cloth
  5. Bed pillows
  6. Coordinating bedding sets
  7. Decorative and colorful throw pillows
  8. Duvet covers
  9. Duvet and pillow inserts
  10. Lounge chair covers
  11. Mattress encasement covers
  12. Pillow Shams
  13. Soft and luxurious blankets and throws

Let Us Help

Your best option for making your B&B look more luxurious would be to start by allowing us to help you choose the finest linens available for your guest rooms. For additional info about our luxurious linens and other guest room accessories, contact us here.

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