Bedding Distributor in USA

Bedding Distributor in USA

Jun 25, 2023

Nice clean crisp bedding with a high thread count and soft silky smooth finish. What could possibly feel better to a guest in your hotel after a long day of traveling? Nothing, unless it’s matching pillowcases, of course. Let’s face it; high-quality bedding is something that you want your guests to remember long after their stay has ended. Not that sunburn they got on the beach or out by the pool. Not the hangover they suffered after a night of bar-hopping. You want them to fondly remember how comfy your beds were with those beautiful sheets.

Wholesale Bedding

Where are you going to get that fabulous bedding at an equally fabulous price? You should be getting it from everybody’s favorite hotel bedding manufacturer and supplier in the US for all of their luxury bedding needs. That's Globaltex Fine Linens and we want to become your favorite wholesale bedding supplier as well. At Globaltex Fine Linens, we offer the best in bedding available anywhere.

Why Buy Your Bedding From Us?

There are several reasons why buying your bedding from us is your optimum choice, including:

  1. Saving you money
  2. Saving you time
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. The highest quality bedding available
  5. 100 percent/money back guarantee/no questions asked

Beautiful Bedding

If your establishment is in need of new luxury bedding for your guest rooms, we can help. We know what you want and that you also want it at the best prices possible. We also know that you want them to come complete with a 100 percent money back guarantee. That's what you get when you order your bedding from us. You get the best bedding, the best prices, and the best money back guarantee.

Full Line of Products

At Globaltex Fine Linens, our full line of products also includes:

  1. Towels- Bath and Beach
  2. Luxury Terrycloth Beach Bags
  3. Soft Fluffy Bathrobes
  4. Lounge Chair Covers
  5. Blankets/Scotch, Cotton, and Bamboo
  6. Soft Luxurious Throws
  7. Decorative Pillows
  8. Duvet Covers
  9. Pillow Shams
  10. Mattress Encasement Covers
  11. Stylish Complete Bedding Sets
  12. Duvet and Pillow Inserts

In the event that you're also ready for some redecorating or adding more luxury items to your rooms to please your guests, be sure to have a look at everything we offer. Remember, the more luxury you give them, the more you're ensuring that your guests keep coming back.

Don't Let Your Guests Down

When your hotel guests check in and retire to their beds, they expect comfort and luxury. What they don't expect is worn-out, scratchy, mismatched, or just plain ugly bedding. Don't disappoint them or they might not come back. Replace your guest room bedding with the best from Globaltex Fine Linens. For more information about all of the bedding that we offer, contact us here.

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