How To Wash Blankets?

Jun 24, 2023

Blankets are a necessity during the cold winter months. They keep you warm, are often used as comforters, and can be made out of a variety of materials. Blankets are also prone to collect dirt, dust mites, and even mildew because they're often left for long periods of time without being cleaned properly. If you want to keep your blanket in good condition, follow these steps:

How To Clean Blankets?

  • The first step in washing your blankets is to prepare the washer.
  • Use the right detergent! Dishwashing liquid or laundry soap are great choices for removing dirt and grime from most fabrics.
  • Set the water temperature on the wash cycle to warm or cold, not hot.
  • If you’re worried about stains or odors getting set into your blanket, consider adding a stain remover (like OxiClean) to your wash load as well!

How To Wash A Fleece Blanket?

  • Place your fleece blanket in the washing machine by itself.
  • Set the water temperature to warm and set the cycle to delicate or gentle.
  • Add a small amount of detergent, enough to get things clean but not too much that it will leave residue on your blanket when you're finished cleaning it!
  • Allow for more time than usual for washing blankets because if you don't wait long enough, any dirt that's left behind could cause damage over time when washed again at another date.

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket?

  • Wash in cold water.
  • Use a gentle detergent, such as Woolite or mild detergent designed for delicates.
  • Use the gentle cycle and a low spin speed if your washer has that option.
  • Dry on low heat setting, removing from dryer as soon as it is done drying to prevent wrinkling or shrinking of the blanket.

How To Wash An Electric Blanket?

Most electric blankets can be machine washed; however, always check the product label for washing instructions before doing so. If you do not have a machine dryer at home, hang your blanket on a clothesline to dry or lay it flat on racks indoors. Do not use fabric softener in this case and only use cold water for washing or hand-wash gently by hand with special detergents designed for delicate items like these.

How To Wash Wool Blankets?

If you're looking to wash wool blankets, there are a few things you should know. Wool is a natural fiber that does not like to be washed in hot water. Because of this, it's best to stick with cold or warm water when washing your wool blanket. You'll also want to use a gentle detergent instead of harsh chemicals (like bleach).

How To Wash A Crochet Blanket?

Crochet blankets are just as washable as knitted ones, if you follow the right steps.

  • Wash on gentle cycle.
  • Use mild detergent (and no fabric softener).
  • Avoid putting in the dryer and hang it to dry instead.

How To Wash A Faux-Fur Blanket?

  • Wash the blanket in the washing machine
  • Use a gentle cycle and cold water
  • Don't use fabric softener or bleach
  • Don't use dryer sheets

How To Wash A Baby Blanket?

Washing a baby blanket is simple, but you must be careful. You should wash it in cold water and use a gentle detergent.

Dry on low heat and do not put the blanket in the dryer.

How To Wash Cotton Blankets?

To wash cotton blankets, simply follow these steps:

  • Wash in cold water.
  • Don’t use bleach!
  • However, if you must use bleach due to stains that are too difficult for other cleaning methods (such as an ink stain), just remember not to mix colors when washing multiple pieces together because colors may run into each other when there's an abundance of water present between them during washing cycles."

How To Wash A Knitted Blanket?

Knitted blankets are delicate and require special care. They should always be washed in cold water, and you should never use bleach or fabric softener on them – both of these can cause the fabric to shrink or break down

How To Dry A Blanket?

The best way to dry your blanket is to dry it on a drying rack, but if you don't have one, then you can use a towel bar. If that isn't an option, then put it in the dryer! You will want to be careful when drying your blanket in the dryer because they are very delicate and delicate items can easily get damaged by heat or other factors of the machine itself.


We hope that these tips have helped you to find out how to wash blankets. As we all know, blankets are very important for us, especially when the weather is cold. They can provide us with warmth and comfort during the cold winter months. However, it is also important that we take good care of our blankets so they last longer than expected!

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