How To Wash Microfiber Towels

How To Wash Microfiber Towels

Jun 20, 2023

Washing microfiber towels is no easy task, but it’s a must if you want to keep your microfiber towels at their best. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about washing microfiber towels in the washing machine, by hand, and more.

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic material that's made from polyester, polyamide, or polypropylene. It's also known as micro-denier or microtex. Microfiber towels are made with this material and are used for cleaning and drying purposes.

Why It’s Important To Wash Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are made of synthetic fibers, which means they can be washed in the washing machine. You can also hand wash them if you prefer to do so. If you do choose to wash your microfiber towels in the washing machine, make sure that you use a gentle cycle or delicate setting so as not to damage them.

How To Clean Microfiber Towels In The Washing Machine?

The first step in cleaning microfiber towels is to wash them in warm water. A mild detergent! But avoid bleach and fabric softener at all costs! These products will break down the fibers of your towel and render it ineffective at cleaning anything.


Separate your microfiber towels by color. Each towel should be a different color so that you can easily tell what is being used for what purpose.

Treat Stains

Treat stains. If you have a stain on your microfiber towel, use one of these methods to remove it:

Stains can be removed with dish soap and water or lemon juice. Simply rub the affected area with either substance until all traces of the stain are gone.

Water Temperature

Warm water is best for washing microfiber towels. Hot water can damage the fibers, so avoid it if you can. If you must use hot water, use a cold cycle to rinse the towel after washing and let it air dry indoors away from direct sunlight


Use a detergent designed for microfiber.

Do not use fabric softener.

Do not use bleach, dryer sheets or vinegar as this can cause damage to the fibers in your towel and make them less absorbent over time.

Avoid using baking soda or oxygen cleaners on your towels as well!


Wash microfiber towels on warm or hot, using a gentle cycle. You should also use mild detergent.


Turn the washing machine on and set it to the correct temperature.

  • Add the detergent to the drum.
  • Add your towels to the drum.
  • Start the washing cycle

How To Wash Microfiber Towels by Hand?

When it comes to washing microfiber towels, the most important thing is to use a mild detergent. You can also add a small amount of bleach if you want your towels to be extra white and fresh-smelling.

How To Dry Microfiber Towels?

You can also choose to hang your microfiber towels out in the sun. The UV rays will help kill bacteria and germs, as well as any odors that may be lingering in your towels.

Can Microfiber Towels Go In The Dryer?

No, avoid the dryer. Drying in the sun is best, but if you must use a machine, hang to dry instead of air drying.

Another TIPS

  • Microfiber towels are great for cleaning, but they need to be washed correctly.
  • Microfiber towels are made from polyester and polyamide.
  • The best way to wash your microfiber towel is to use warm water on a low setting.


Now that you know how to wash microfiber towels, it's time to get started! Don't forget to check out our other articles for more information on cleaning tips and tricks

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